8 Ways to Use Static Bicycle for Beginners

In this article, we will discuss how to use a static bike for beginners. The static bicycle itself is a fitness equipment that is designed similar to a bicycle, but this static bicycle only stays in place. This fitness equipment can be placed in a room, at home or at the gym. This equipment works by pedaling like a normal bicycle.

Static bikes are suitable for those who want to exercise but don’t have much free time. Nowadays, it is common for most people to bought this static bike and place it at their home, so you don’t need to go anywhere to do exercise. You just need to get on the bike and pedal it.

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In addition, there are also a number of things that need to be considered, especially for beginners. For you who want to use this equipment especially at home without any prior experience, there are several things that must be known so that you use it properly and get the benefit you want. The following is an explanation of how to use a stationary bike for beginners, including

1. Knowing About Static Bicycles

The first way to use a static bike for beginners is to know what this fitness equipment is. Static bicycles are designed to be operated without having to leave the room, but you still use them like regular cycling.

Before buying, you must know what type of static bike that is suitable, because there are various types of static bikes and can be chosen according to your needs or desires.

Each type of static bike has its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing about static bikes helps you quickly adapt to your bike. In addition, you also need to consider the size of the room you want to put your static bike later.

2. Don’t Forget to Have Breakfast and Drink Enough Water

Before doing an exercise using static bike, don’t forget to have your breakfast first. You should spare about 1.5 hours between breakfast and exercise. This is useful for maintaining your stamina while exercising. You don’t want to be very tired or have an upset stomach from breakfast.

In addition, don’t forget to drink enough water, because when you exercise a lot, it also dehydrates you. If you are dehydrated, it can make you less focused while exercising.

3. Wear Comfortable Exercise Clothes and Shoes

Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and shoes designed especially for exercise. It aims to improve your mood in exercising. Besides paying attention to exercise clothes, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes.

Doing exercise on a static bicycle focuses more on the legs in pedaling. For that reason, use a comfortable shoe to make it easier for you to pedal this static bike.

4. Warming up

The most mandatory thing that should not be forgotten in doing any kind of exercise is warming up. Warming up has a purpose to reduce injuries during exercise. Warming up the body will also make it more adaptable to movement. Warming up can be done in the form of small exercises or stretching.

5. Adjust the Bicycle Seat and Handlebar

Another thing you should know about before using a static bike is how to adjust the seat of your static bike. Set the height of the chair according to your height so it will be comfortable.

In addition, the distance between the handlebar and the seat is also adjusted to the length of the arm. Make it as comfortable as possible so that you can enjoy it.

6. Correct Position of the Body

The sixth way to use a static bicycle is to position the body correctly. The body position is important so that you don’t bend over when using the bicycle. The correct position will make your body refreshed after exercise. Meanwhile, the wrong position makes the body achy and tired.

7. Start Exercising Slowly

When you start exercising, do it at the lowest speed. After that, increase the speed according to your ability. If you want to increase your speed, do it gradually every 15 minutes.

Starting the exercise slowly aims to avoid injury or leg cramps. So your leg can adjust to the speed before gradually add more speed to accelerate the calorie burning in your body.

8. Cooling Down

Lastly, don’t forget to cool down or rest after you’re about to finish your exercise. The trick is to reduce the speed gradually every 15 minutes and then stop completely.

Besides that, you can also sit on the floor in a way that stretches your legs. Do this for about 10 minutes while drinking or calming your body, then do your usual activities.

So, those are some explanations about how to use a static bike for beginners. You can practice some of these steps when using a static bike. You will get used to using a static bike if you use it routinely. Don’t forget to exercise with enthusiasm and cheerfulness.