12 Types of Screws and The Functions

A screw is important for holding two things together or connecting them.

A screw is a tool that can hold two things together without glue. It does this by being inserted into a hole in one of the things and then turned until the two things are firmly attached.

Many still think that screws and bolts are the same or similar, but they are not.

Screws are short, small, tubular iron nails with a sharp tip and a helix or thread around the body.

Screws can hold together more than just wood. They can also hold iron, pipes, abs plastic, PVC, and stone together.

Screws come in different shapes and sizes, so their use can be changed depending on what needs to be put together.

On the other hand, bolts that look almost the same but have a bigger diameter must be used with nuts when they are part of a material unit.

Screws and bolts are also different in how they are made. Here are some types of screws you need to know how to tell apart.

1. Lag Screw

When thick pieces of wood need to be put together in a building project, lag screws are the best way to do it.

The head of a lag screw is either square or hexagonal, and the body has thick threads.

This screw is also bigger and longer to hold together thick materials and heavy things.

2. Wood Screw

Wood Screw

Wood screws are a special kind of screw that can only be used for woodworking.

This wood screw or wood screw can hold two pieces together without making holes in the wood first.

The very sharp and pointed tip of a single-job screw can go through the wood.

But this screw can only go through wood surfaces with a certain density level; for thicker wood, it’s not clear yet if it will still work well.

3. Hex Screw

Hex Screw

A hex screw has a hexagon-shaped head and a flat bearing surface. The head is hollow.

Hex screws are one of the best kinds of screws for joining wood, metal, or even wood and metal together.

This type of screw’s threaded end is flat, so it can be used with precision.

This screw is usually used to build roads, buildings, bridges, and docks. Hex screws are also sometimes used to fix things inside of homes.

4. Drywall Screw

Drywall Screw

Deck screws are screws made of stainless steel that is often used for outdoor projects. They are also known as deck screws.

These screws have sharp edges but closed threads so that they won’t rust or break.

Most of the time, decking screws are used to install and join wood or composite boards.

5. Decking Screw

Decking Screw

Deck screws are screws that are usually made of stainless steel and are used for outdoor projects.

These screws have sharp edges but closed threads, so they don’t rust or corrode.

Most of the time, decking screws are used to install composite boards or wood and join them together.

6. Machine Screw

Machine Screw

This screw is true to its name because it is mostly used to connect materials in electronics and machines.

Depending on how thick and big the machine or electronic device being worked on is, the average size of a machine screw is between 3 cm and 10 cm.

7. Eye Bolt Screw

Eye Bolt Screw

The head of this screw is a circle with edges. It is usually used to put in a hook that makes it easier to put in cables or ropes and tie them together.

This type of screw makes it easier to move, lift, push, hold, or pull heavy things with ropes.

8. Frame Screw

Frame Screw

Frame screws are special screws used to put up frames and join materials like wood, metal, fiber cement board, and composite decking.

Frame screws are a type of screw that can be used for deck building and putting in kitchen cabinets.

These screws are often used for things that are both hard and fragile.

9. Double Ended Screw

Double Ended Screw

This screw has threads on both ends, so it doesn’t have a head. Instead, it has a tapered tip with threads on both sides.

The thread on one end makes it easier to attach the screw to the object because it fits better.

On the other end, the thread is hollow, so it can be used with another screw.

This screw can mount or connect two materials (usually wood) that move together.

10. Sheet Metal Screw

Sheet Metal Screw

This screw functions specifically to unite or attach iron or aluminum objects.

Screws with round heads are also commonly used for electrical installation work.

11. Twinfast Screw

Twinfast Screw

This type of screw is generally used to install furniture, be it tables, cabinets, or others.

The threads along the body of the screw include more than other screws, making the installation process take a while.

12. Security Screw

Security Screw

This screw is different from other screws because you can’t open it without a screwdriver.

This kind of screw is often used to seal certain parts of a material and also serves as a cap.

The tool used to put this screw into a certain material also opens things.

So, if the tool used to remove the screw is different than the tool used to put it in, the screw won’t come out.

So, there are several different types of screws you need to know how to use based on their type and purpose.