8 Ways to Maintain a Motorbike So It Does Not Damage Quickly

Motorbikes are two-wheeled vehicles that we most often encounter on the road. There are a lot of motorbike users because a motorbike is a vehicle that is easy to drive and faster than a car too.

Frequently, most people prefer motorbikes to cars to go to work, school, to the market, and so on. Any types of motorbikes are very helpful for daily needs.

If you want to continue using this simple and easy-to-use motorbike, you need a lot of extra care. Because if a motorbike rider is negligent and doesn’t want to take care of the motorbike, then the motorbike tends to often have problems or even get damaged.

At least you have to check some of the motorbike’s components on a regular basis. This is done so that motorcyclists will always be safe and comfortable when riding a motorbike.

There are several ways to maintain a motorbike that motorbike users must pay attention to. Check out this explanation for more on how to care for a motorbike.

1. Change Oil Periodically

Checking the oil regularly can prevent the motor from damage. Oil has an important role for the motorbike because oil helps lubricate every important component in the motorbike.

If the oil is black and the viscosity of the oil is reduced, immediately change it to the nearest repair shop. Change the oil about every 2 months or it can be adjusted to how frequent is the use of the motorbike.

2. Check Motorbike Chain

Before riding a motorbike, first, check the chain on the motorbike. If the chain looks dry, then grease it immediately with oil to keep the chain running properly.

Also make sure the chain is not loose, because if the chain used on the motorbike is loose, it can cause the chain to break suddenly wherever you are.

3. Check Motorbike Battery

Make sure to use the battery that is doesn’t exceed the limits, because it can cause damage to the battery cells, as well as other components in the motorbike.

It’s a good idea to check the condition of the motorbike battery regularly. If you use a wet battery and see the condition of the battery water runs out, then fill it up immediately. If you use a dry battery and see the power decrease, then immediately charge the battery.

4. Check Motorbike Spark Plugs

There are many kinds of motorbike damage, one of which is related to motorbike spark plugs. Spark plugs are an important component for the combustion process in a motorbike engine.

If the spark plug is damaged, the engine in the motorbike will not start. In addition, if it is used when the spark plug is damaged, the motorbike will waste fuel.

Therefore, you are required to frequently check the motorbike spark plugs. At least after using the motorbike as far as 12,000 kilometers, replace the spark plugs with new ones.

5. Use the Lights Alternately

There are 2 types of lights found on each motorbike, namely short-range lights and long-range lights. Most people who ride motorbikes only use short-range lights, both during the day and at night.

In fact, only using a short-range of lights when riding a motorbike can cause them to break down quickly.

It is better to use the lights alternately to avoid damage, such as using short-range lights during the day and using long-range lights at night.

6. Check Tires Before Driving

The thing that is most often forgotten, but should not be forgotten, is checking the tires before riding. Check the tires on the motorbike before the road. If the tires look flat, then fill the air immediately.

Tires that lack air can cause them to leak and even the most dangerous ones can cause accidents. Tires that lack air can also damage the wheels of the motorbike.

7. Wash Your Motorbike About Once A Week

Maybe this one is overlooked by most people, but washing the motorbike regularly is in fact necessary. During the rainy season, the motorbike tends to look dirty, because the roads are wet and the mud will stick to the motorbike.

By washing the motorbike regularly, it can make the motorbike look clean and comfortable when driving. If the motorbike is left dirty, it can cause the motorbike body to look dull, dirty, and will lead to rust.

Also know how to prevent motorcycle stalled during floods, so that there is no serious damage to occur during the rainy season.

8. Perform Routine Service

Serving the motorbike is one of the things that must be done regularly because the engine inside the motorbike must also get balanced maintenance such as the external appearance of the motorbike.

If the motorbike engine is damaged, it will cost more than just doing routine checks on the motorbike.

You don’t need to check every week, make references such as servicing the motorbike every time it is used as far as 5,000 kilometers and its multiples apply. Take your motorbike to an authorized repair shop, so that it can be given safe maintenance.

Thus an explanation of how to care for a motorbike Please note that if the motorbike is often used, the outer appearance might look okay, but we don’t know the engine inside.

The inner engine is an important thing to pay more attention to because its function is to drive the motorbike so that it continues to run. If it is damaged, it will make it difficult for the rider.

In the end, the motorbike was unusable and had to be taken to a repair shop. Sometimes a damaged motorbike may take a few days to repair. This is certainly quite a waste of time.

Therefore, don’t forget to always provide proper care, so that the life of the motorbike is longer and is not easily damaged in the future.