5 Ways to Maintain A Gas Stove to Be Durable

It is undeniable that the price of a gas stove is indeed much more expensive than an oil stove. Not only practical, but cooking using the gas stove is also faster because it can produce stable and even heat.

One of the advantages of a gas stove that you should consider is that there is no need to turn on the stove wicks one by one, as in an oil stove. All you have to do is turn the on/off knob and the fire will start immediately. Although it offers several advantages, it turns out that this type of stove is easily damaged.

It happens when you fail to maintain and clean the stove properly. So don’t be surprised if one day the fire that comes out of the stove will actually emit a red color or doesn’t even come out at all.

Here are some steps you can take to maintain your gas stove at home so that it doesn’t get damaged easily.

1. Pay Attention to the Cleanliness of the Stove Ring and Hose

Gas stove ring and hose

One way to maintain a gas stove is to pay attention to every little detail that is on the object, such as the ring and the hose.

Usually, the gas stove ring can be simply removed from the stove, making it easier to clean. However, if the ring is attached to the stove, you should first read the product manual for the stove to remove or clean.

Stove rings can be cleaned by soaking in hot water mixed with dish soap or one tablespoon of citric acid. Soak the ring until all the dirt and crust are removed, about 2 to 4 hours. Then, clean again by brushing each part, rinse, and dry.

Apart from rings, you should also pay attention to the regulators and hoses. Make sure both parts are functioning properly so they can be used for a long time. It is known that the regulator is a tool to regulate the pressure of the gas flowing into the stove.

While the hose has a function to connect the gas cylinder to the stove. If one of the two parts does not function properly, the risk of gas leakage is higher. Worse yet, this condition can trigger an explosion in your gas cylinder.

To minimize this risk, it is better if you adjust the regulator by adjusting the low-pressure conditions. Do not let the regulator exceed the pressure of the gas cylinder.

You will also need to attach the regulator until you hear a click to indicate the appliance is in place. If you hear a hissing sound, it means that the regulator is leaking.

Also, make sure you use a special hose for gas with thick or iron-coated material. If necessary, add clamps at both ends of the hose so that no gas is wasted in the air.

2. Clean the Knob Parts and Check the Lighter

Gas burner knobs and lighters

Next is to clean the knobs and stoves of the gas stove. But pay attention when removing the stove knob because it needs care not to damage it.

Once removed, soak the knob in soapy water to remove all stains. If the stain is still stuck, you can rub it with a damp cloth.

Once clean, immediately dry the knob and put it in place. Don’t forget to do a check on those lighters and knobs. As the name implies, the lighter is capable of producing sparks when the knob is turned.

3. Remove and Clean the Furnace Thoroughly

Clean the gas stove furnace

You need to know that the furnace is the part of the stove that is also exposed to the most grease stains during the cooking process. To clean it, you shouldn’t use a soap and water solution.

This is because water can make the stove wet and damp so that the fire will not burn completely. The most appropriate solution is to use a special stove cleaning cream.

4. Clean Stove Burner Parts

Clean the gas stove burner

Almost all gas stoves have a core where the fire exits. Unfortunately, most people often feel hesitant to clean this part of the gas stove, which is called the burner, because it is in direct contact with the fire.

There are many kinds of damage to gas stoves, and one of them is due to a dirty burner. Therefore, the burner must also be cleaned thoroughly. If not, then the dirt will accumulate so that it blocks the flow of the fire.

5. Cleaning the Stove Body Parts and Placemat

Clean the gas stove body

The next step to maintain a gas stove is to clean the body and the mat. Because, it is not impossible that splashes of oil or drops of cooking sauce are left in this area, destroying the aesthetic value and appearing dirty. In addition, dirt like this can lead to rust and scale on the outside of your gas stove.

To clean it quite easily, just lift the stovetop and soak it in the dishwashing solution. Rub it briefly with a sponge until it is completely clean. After that, rinse and dry with a clean cloth.

Meanwhile, you can wipe the body with a chamois that has been soaked in water. If necessary, use kitchen cleaning fluid without rinsing so that no dirt is left behind.

So, those are some good and correct ways to maintain a gas stove so that it is durable in the long term. How to maintain each type of gas stoves, is more or less the same as described above.

When the stove used looks clean, you can be sure that you will be even more enthusiastic in cooking various menus for your family at home.