6 Ways to Keep Your Blender Durable and Long Lasting

Blender has become one of the must have electronic utensil not just in the home kitchen, office, and restaurants. Blender has multifunction, one of them is to chop food materials.

Since this utensil is frequently use, should also needs to be cleaned properly to keep your blender durable. Even tough plenty of blender types in the market, the maintenance ways are all the same. Every blender have a blade to chop the food. This part that need maintenance attention in order to have your blender long lasting.

The smoothen food materials chopped by the blade, stored in a container. The more frequent you use the blender, the more the blade is blunt. To prevent this, need extra maintenance specifically for the blade. And not to forget to clean well the container and blender machine. If you washed your blender not thoroughly, it may leave marks from the leftover previous chopped materials and also leave a bad odor. Store your blender properly. Any chance of misconduct and lead to your blender fall, may break the container itself.

It is not so hard for the maintenance. Here are some tips to keep your blender durable and long lasting:

1. The Right Capacity

The first thing you need to keep in mind when chopping the food materials in the right capacity as allowed to be put in the blender container.

Improper capacity moreover if you have put excessively, may causing the blender machine to be overloaded. Commonly, the limit allowed is not exceeding half of the container. Therefor, when you are smoothing the food materials in large amount, it will be wise to have them divided in to some portions when using the blender.

The overloaded materials to be chopped could defect the blade easily blunt. Continuous usage may also shorten the machine lifetime and the blade eventually blunt.

You could have slice the materials into tiny pieces, this will help the blender blade work lighter when smoothing all the materials inside.

2. Start from the Slowest Speed

When you want to smooth some materials using blender, start with the slowest speed. This is one option to maintain the machine when used in orderly speed rotation.

And then, slowly eventually increasing the. This gives time for the machine to adjust with materials inside the container to be smoothened.

3. Clean Thoroughly

For people who like cooking and use their blender often, it is important to have clean properly your blender after usage.

Rinse clean thoroughly using the dish soap to prevent the leftover still sticking. Otherwise the pile up leftovers may caused bad odor later on.

Occasionally outside body can stained from the droplets Untuk membersihkan body blender, Anda cukup membersihkannya menggunakan lap. Bersihkan bagian-bagian luar body, biasanya terdapat bekas atau tetesan bahan makanan yang tersisa. Pastikan steker telah tercabut dari stopkontak.

4. Store the Blender Properly and Safely

Blender is one of vulnerable utensil. Some blender even have the container made of glass materials. Due to this, to store the blender must be in safe place, dry and positioned properly. Avoid easy to be reached out by children. Or even mistakenly hit then fall off.

Store in a dry place will help to prevent any molds growing inside the blender. Keep the blade dry, ensuring all water have been dried up this to prevent any short circuit when there is still storing water inside the machine components.

Also must not put the blender near oven nor stove, the extra heat may cause damage for the components of blender.

5. Usage Time in Accordance to the Manual Guide

Using blender, it is best advice not to use for quite long. Usually it will take around 10 until 30 minutes to smoothen the food materials depends on the blender’s type.

Check out the manual guide given when you purchased the blender. Make sure you do not exceed the maximum time. This act as a maintenance for the blender’s machine, make it more durable and long lasting.

6. Keep out from Children’s Reach

The last simple tip for your blender’s maintenance, is to keep it from children’s reach. Blender is one of the kitchen utensil which powered by electricity as its power source. Not to mention if the container’s is made of thick glass, which is quite not lightweight. Imagine if it was grabbed by your little child then fell off hit the floor, it may break, or even may hit your child’s foot.

Stored in a place high enough so the children unable to reach out for it, perhaps as examples, you can store it inside the kitchen drawer, a cabinet, or even a middle section of a table. Therefor it will be unreachable for children to grab it.

The blade is also sharp, may cause harm even until bleeding. That’s the reason why you should have the blade part stored properly and safe.

So there are the simple 6 ways for maintenance your blender. Read the manual guide first thing after you choose the blender, there you can find all the information regarding the blender, and ways to maintenance to make it more durable and long lasting of course.