7 Ways to Fix Linear Crossed Out of the Printer Results

Currently, the printer is one of the hardware that is often found and owned. Apart from the increasing number of needs, from an economical point of view, printer prices are now available which are more friendly.

Along with the development of the times, printing equipment has become more advanced and has undergone many changes towards a more sophisticated direction.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of technical errors, which will automatically affect the results or output of the printer itself.

Some printer problems include the printer not responding, the printer unable to pull the paper, lined printouts and so on.

Indeed, one of the consequences for owners of personal printing equipment is that they must know and understand very well about the problems with the printer and how to take care of them.

One very possible and common annoyance is streaky printouts. To work around this, you can take the following steps:

1. Clean the Encoder

7 Ways to Fix Linear Crossed Out of the Printer Results

The encoder is a part of the printer which is located on the back of the cartridge. This partition has a ribbon-like shape and has a sensor made of clear plastic mica with a line of code on the surface.

Because the encoder functions as a sensor from the printer, if this part is dirty or dusty, it will automatically affect the printout, one of which can cause visible lines.

To solve this problem, you just need to clean it slowly using a tissue.

If you have good knowledge and skills, you can open this encoder section and soak it in warm water for a while until the dirt that is inside or sticking to the surface is released and can be easily cleaned.

If you do this step, one thing you must always pay attention to, is to make sure that this part is in a dry condition when it will be reinstalled in its original place.

2. Clean the Cartridge

Problems that occur in the cartridge, such as ink clumping in it is also one of the reasons why the printouts from the printer are streaky.

Usually problems like this will occur when the printer has not been used for a long period of time. Therefore, try to use the printer every day, even if only to print 1 sheet.

Ink clumping that occurs in this section can also cause various other problems, such as faded or even blank prints. This can happen even if the existing ink is new and in good condition.

If the printout is streaky because there is a problem with this component, you can clean the cartridge head. This can be done by removing it and then soaking it in warm water or alcohol water.

Don’t forget to dry it first before refilling the ink or installing it in its original place.

3. Drain the Ink

This step can be done if the problem lies in the clumped ink cartridge.

After the second step, which requires soaking the cartridge in the head, the next thing to do is to suck the remaining ink using an injection or a special straw until there is no residue left.

After the cartridge is in an empty position, then you can reinsert new ink using a commonly used injection.

4. Make Sure the Ink can Flow Properly

The correct ink will flow from the infusion bottle to the cartridge side. If not, then new problems may occur, such as lined printouts.

So you must always make sure that the flow is smooth and uninterrupted. If you find that the ink flow in the cartridge is not as smooth as it should be, then the thing you can do is remove the end of the hose attached to the cartridge.

Then you can suck the ink up to the tip using a modified injection beforehand. After that you can put the hose back in its original place.

5. Clean the Head Part of the Printer

Head cleaning is one of the many features that the printer has. You can access this feature through settings and then selecting which type of printer is the problem.

Then then you can have the printing references option and go to the maintenance tab. Do this cleaning at least three times. In addition to cleaning the head, this feature is carried out to facilitate the flow of ink in the cartridge.

6. Upgrade the Print Quality

The level of print quality to be produced can be set manually from low to high. You can perform quality enhancements in the settings menu before printing.

But even though the final result will be neat and maximal, there are some drawbacks that must be considered, namely it will take longer and be more wasteful of ink.

7. Change the Cartridge

The last thing you can do if none of the above solutions work well is to replace the problematic cartridge with a new one that matches your printer type.

If this step has been done, then problems such as printouts with stripes will no longer occur.

Printer or printing machine is one of the objects that must be taken care of and extra care by its users. If not, then a printer with a good or expensive brand will be damaged.

Therefore, you as a user as well as a printer owner must understand very well how to take care of it. Keep in mind that there are many types of printers, which may be treated differently from one another.