3 Ways to Convert Analog TV to Digital

Analog TV is usually a big TV called a tube TV. But as technology has grown, more and more people are now turning to digital TV.

People often switch from analog to digital TV because digital TV broadcasts are better, more precise, and more varied than analog TV.

If the reason is often a problem, you don’t have to change the TV to watch the broadcast because there are several ways to watch digital TV broadcasts. How to switch from analog to digital TV:

1. Converting Analog TV to Digital Using a Set-Top Box (STB)

A set-top box, also known as an STB, is a device that helps digital TVs pick up signals from analog TVs. So that a Set Top Box can be used to get digital TV broadcast signals on an analog TV.

When you use a Set Top Box with an analog TV, the picture will be better, and the sound will be more precise.

This Set Top Box comes with an RCA cable and a remote. Here are the steps to use a Set Top Box DVB T2 for Analog TV:

  • Follow the color of the cable when you plug it into the Set-Top Box.
  • Then look at the TV’s plugs, which are on the back.
  • Choose an AV IN cable and an RCA cable based on their color.
  • Move the UHF TV antenna cable to the UHF ANT TV part of the Set-Top Box by plugging it into the UHF ANT TV part of the Set-Top Box.
  • First, turn on the Set-Top Box. A flashing light will show which Set Top Box is on.
  • Then, turn on the analog TV and go into AV mode, such as AV1, AV2, and so on, depending on how the STB is connected.
  • Press the STB remote’s Menu button.
  • Find the menu for channel search and choose “auto search.”
  • Then wait until the search is done.
  • Once the search is done, choose “Save.”
  • Lastly, STB DVB T2 has successfully recorded the digital TV broadcast if it has been saved.
  • Make sure your TV is set to AV mode if you want to watch digital channels.

2. Converting Analog To Digital TV Using Digital TV Antenna

The level of quality and clarity shows the differences between analog and digital television.

A digital TV antenna is a device that picks up digital signals. With the antenna, both the picture on the screen and the sound will be clearer.

So, switching from analog to digital TV is about more than just broadcasting. But also to the level and clarity of the sound on the TV.

Also, some analog TVs show TV shows that aren’t clear and don’t sound clear. This digital TV antenna can also be used with an analog TV to make the picture clearer.

Here are the steps to use an indoor digital TV antenna:

  • Provide indoor digital HD TV.
  • Put the HD TV cable into your analog TV, and then turn on your analog TV.
  • Then put the antenna somewhere that makes it easier to see TV shows.
  • If you want the TV to look clearer, you can move the antenna or change how high it is.

But the clarity and level of transparency of TV broadcasts are also affected by the features of your TV and where you live. If you live where getting a signal is hard, choose a digital antenna that can work in those kinds of places.

If you live in a place where it’s easy to get a signal, however, any brand of the digital antenna can make your TV screen clearer.

3. Ensure Digital Channel Signal

Changing your TV from analog to digital will work best if there are a lot of digital channel signals where you live.

Then, it would be best if you made sure that the digital channel signal works with the DVB T2 Set Top Box to broadcast your TV better.