7 Ways to Clean the Fan Without Disassembling it

The fan that you often use has a function to generate wind, to cool the air, provide a refreshing effect when the weather is hot, and can act as a dryer. However, so that this fan remains durable, you need to regularly clean the fan.

If in the past you only knew that cleaning the fan was done by disassembling. Now along with the development of knowledge and information, there are new ways to clean the fan.

Here’s how to clean a fan without disassembling it and also the explanation of it:

1. Using the Air Compressor

One of the most effective ways to clean a fan without disassembling it is to use an air compressor.

The air compressor is able to produce air pressure that is firmer than the blower so that it can clean the fan almost 95%.

How to use an air compressor to clean the fan is to bring the fan out into the open, then place the fan after that turn on the air compressor and point the air compressor at the dusty fan.

2. Cleaning with the Blower

Blower is a device that can release strong wind gusts. The blower’s ability to blow wind makes the dust that sticks to fans components disappear or fly away.

The method of cleaning the fan without disassembling with a blower is suitable for fans where the dust is not too thick.

How to use a blower to clean the fan is:

  • Place the fan outside
  • Then cover the fan head with black plastic so that dust doesn’t scatter
  • Then turn on the blower and point it at the dusty fan

3. Cleaning with the Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the fan without disassembling it because it uses sufficient suction power to attract dust or dirt around the fan.

How to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the fan is to bring the fan out in the open to be safer, then turn on the vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming the dust on the dusty parts of the fan.

After cleaning, please clean the remaining dust using a soft and clean microfiber cloth.

4. Using the Clean Sand or Salt

Cleaning the fan without disassembling it with sand or salt is a suitable method for fans that have the shape of a window fan or base fan.

This method is also known to be inexpensive but still maximizes the available salt or clean sand.

How to use sand or salt to clean a fan is to take a fan sheet and place the fan on it, then turn the fan head down or up.

Next pour dry clean sand or salt through the Front Guard or propeller guard after which the sand or salt will pass through the fan blades to clean it and the dust will fall towards the paper.

5. Cleaning with the Hairdryer

If you don’t have a blower in your house but you want to clean the dusty fan without having to disassemble it first, then use a hairdryer.

How to use a hairdryer to clean the fan is:

  • Prepare the fan to be cleaned
  • Then turn on the hairdryer and use the coldest air temperature from the hairdryer
  • Then point the hairdryer at the fan, then the wind from the hairdryer will push the dust out of the surface of the blades. Give a safe distance between the fan blades with the hair dryer is about 15-25 cm

6. Spray the Cleaning Liquid

The fan can be cleaned using cleaning fluid so it doesn’t need to be disassembled. The ingredients to make this cleaning liquid are a brush, enough water, a sprayer or sprayer, dish soap, baking soda and a large plastic bag.

How to use cleaning fluid to clean the fan is to provide cleaning fluid and shake it before use, then spray the cleaning liquid into the dusty interior or blades of the fan.

Next wrap or cover the fan with large plastic and turn on the fan at maximum speed.

When finished, remove the plastic bag from the fan and you will see the dust on the fan will be released in the plastic bag or transferred to a large plastic bag.

7. Using the Duster

A duster is a dust cleaning tool that is often found at home made of chicken feathers. This tool is used to clean the dust on the surface of your house.

This method of cleaning the fan with the use of a duster is only suitable for cleaning the outside of the dusty fan so that dust does not accumulate around the fan.

How to use a duster to clean the fan is to provide a long duster that is suitable for cleaning the fan parts and then hold the end of the feather duster and rub it on the dusty parts of the fan until the dust is gone or clean.