5 Ways to Choose a Sickle with Good Quality


Sickle is an agricultural tool that resembles a knife and is curved like a crescent moon.

Even though there are many modern agricultural tools, the sickle is still often used by farmers. Here are some of the functions of the sickle:

  • The sickle has a function to cut plants. These plants are sometimes also given to livestock, such as cows or goats.
  • Mowing the long grass. As we all know, grass is a pest that interferes with the growth of a plant. Because of this, the grass must be cut or pulled so that it does not interfere.
  • Harvesting. When the harvest season arrives, farmers also need help from sickles to cut the rice and then beat it to the rice barn. This method is the traditional way of harvesting rice.
  • Corn harvest is also almost the same as rice harvest in the use of sickles.
  • Chopping wood. Some people also use a sickle to chop wood.

The sickle is classified as a sharp weapon, so the one who uses the sickle must be someone who understands its function. Because it will be very dangerous if the sickle is misused.

Not a few farmers choose to use a sickle as a tool to help them do their work. As for getting satisfactory results, it is necessary to select a good-quality sickle. Here is an explanation of how to choose a good sickle.

1. Pay Attention to the Sickle Material

The first thing to consider in choosing a good sickle is the material for the sickle. A good sickle material is made of iron and steel. Usually it is gilded and sharp after the drill.

The sharp sickle is good for cutting the variety of crops needed. In addition, the sickle can also be sharpened to make it sharp, if it has been used for a long time. Because if the sickle has been used for a long time, the sickle will become dull. For that, we need a sharpening tool that makes the sickle sharp again.

How to sharpen a sickle is also very easy, all it takes is a sharpening tool, a sickle, and water. Then rub the sickle on the grinding stone, while rinsing with water occasionally. Sharpen your scythe until you feel that it is as sharp as you want it to be. If it is sharp then the sickle can be used properly.

2. Pay Attention to the Handle of the Sickle

The second way to choose a good sickle is to pay attention to the sickle handle. The handle of the sickle is generally made of wood. The handle is also divided into two, which are long and short sickle handle, so adjust it to your comfort.

It is intended that if you use it, you will find it easier to produce satisfying work. But in general, the sickle handle has a long shape, because it is designed to make it easier to use when compared to a short sickle handle.

3. Pay Attention to the Tip of the Crescent

The tip of the sickle is sharp and blunt. However, in general, the tip of the sickle is tapered so that you must be careful in using it. Because the sickle is one of the sharpest agricultural tools and can sometimes injure its users if not done carefully.

From the handle, the sickle is straight then the head is slightly curved which makes it easier to attach when cutting the plant.

4. Pay Attention to the Length of the Sickle Neck

The sickle neck is located between the handle and the tip of the sickle. There are also sickle necks that have a long and short size. Usually, some farmers like the long sickle neck, because the long sickle neck can cut a lot of rice stalks at the same time, compared to the short sickle neck.

So in general, this only needs to be selected and adjusted to the needs of farmers. The neck of the sickle is also sharply designed, so the part that is classified as sharp is one between the handle and the tip.

5. Pay Attention to the Sharp Blade

The sharpness of the sickle really needs to be considered, especially if you are just planning to buy a sickle. A sharp sickle will make it easier to work with.

Conversely, if the blade is not sharp it will make it difficult for you to do the work with the sickle. It may be that the sickle is sharpened, but even when the sickle is sharpened, it will appear that you are not very good at choosing a good sickle.

Those are some ways to choose a good sickle, where the sickle is one of the traditional agricultural equipment that really helps farmers in chopping, slashing, and cutting down plants as needed.