5 Ways to Choose a Good Electrical Outlet

Sockets or commonly referred to as electrical outlet are one of the electrical materials that become a source of electric current. This thing called socket because this tool becomes a breaker when there is a meeting between positive and negative currents.

Considering that we will use electricity on a daily basis, it is important to pay attention to safety when choosing an electrical outlet. If something goes wrong, it can lead to an accident later.

There are several types of electrical outlet, but still they all have the same function, which is to connect an electric current. Next, how do you choose a good and safe electrical outlet? Here’s the explanation:

1. Choose an Easy to Install and Safe Electrical Outlet

Make sure the electrical outlet you choose has a design that is easy to install or use. This way you don’t have to ask a technician for help, which will cost you more. In addition, choose an electrical outlet that already has an SNI certificate, in other words, its safety is guaranteed.

Even though you have chosen an easy and safe socket, you still need to pay attention and be careful when installing it. Use it properly in order not to experience damage that results in an electric current that can be reached by someone.

2. Check Quality When Choosing an Electrical Outlet

Good quality on the socket must still be considered so that it can be used for a long time. Quality sockets have a clamping plate material made of brass. Because the brass material is able to conduct electricity optimally.

Also, make sure that the outlet you choose has a holding device for connecting to the plug. Pay attention to the socket body as the cover is made of materials that do not conduct electricity, are non-flammable, and durable.

3. Choose Affordable Prices and Appropriate Quality

Choosing an affordable price according to quality also need to be done when buying a socket. Good quality material have a higher price than ordinary ones. So don’t just be tempted by cheap prices because in fact the quality and price are directly proportional.

Choose a socket that is well-known in the market at an appropriate price too. Usually people will choose a socket with a medium price and good quality.

4. Adjust to Home Design

The socket cannot be hidden because it is used to connect an electric current. If you like stylish things, you can choose a socket that matches the design of your home. It doesn’t need to be fancy; you can do it simply by matching the color of the socket with the place where the socket is.

Not only that, you can also combine the model and color of the socket that is connected to the switch. Then you can determine whether the design of the socket is suitable, appropriate and have good quality. Because if you only focus on the shape, it still does not guarantee the quality and safety of the socket.

5. Performing Tests on the Electrical Outlet

Another thing that can be done next is to test the socket. You can start testing by plugging the plug into the socket outlet and doing this a few times. If the grip on the plug owned by the socket is not reduced, then the quality is also good and durable.

You can also do another experiment to check what the quality of the socket is like. Such as checking the strength of the cable terminals and testing the flexibility of the ground arc. Perform a test that does not cause damage to the socket.

Well, those were some explanations about how to choose an electrical outlet. The point is that everything we choose must be seen from the quality first. So, by paying attention to the quality of the socket that you will choose, you can feel secure about the safety.