5 Ways to Choose a Good Basketball

The most important basketball equipment is basketball. Basketball consists of several types, ranging from differences in sizes and materials used.

Playing basketball using the right basketball will make it easier for you to get points. Therefore, it is important to choose a basketball that is suitable and comfortable to use.

The selection of basketball is usually determined by the rules of the game. Basketball that is used for tournaments is certainly different from basketball which is used for people who just fill out hobbies. The size and weight of the basketball are the main factors that will determine the basketball game.

When you are able to choose the right size and weight of basketball, it will become easier to control the game. For those of you who are going to buy a basketball, there are several things that are important to note. When you apply the things below, you will get high quality and easy-to-use basketball.

1. Know the Materials Used

Material is an important factor that needs to be considered when you are going to buy a basketball. Basketball with high quality usually uses high quality materials as well. Basketball material will determine the resistance and ability of the basketball during play.

When you get basketball with superior quality materials, you can control the game easily. The materials used to make basketball also affect the pattern of indoor or outdoor basketball games.

Materials that are often used to make basketball such as full leather, PU leather, and polyvinyl chloride. These basketball materials have their respective advantages according to their use.

2. Choose Based on Size

The second way to choose a basketball is to choose based on its size. As you know, basketball has different sizes. The size of this basketball will usually be adjusted according to the gender and class of the players.

  • The ball with the number 7 will usually be used by adult males, student groups, and high schoolers. This ball has a diameter of about 24.5 cm, a circumference of 74.9 to 78 cm, and a weight of about 567 to 650 grams.
    The ball with the number 6 will usually be used by adult women, female students, and high schoolers. The diameter of this basketball is about 23.2 cm with a circumference of 72.4 to 73.7 cm and a weight of about 510 to 567 grams.
    The last basketball is basketball which is commonly used by elementary school students. The diameter of this basketball is about 22 cm with a circumference of 69 to 71 cm and a weight of about 470 to 500 grams.

3. Choose the Ball with the Best Brand

As you know, the brand of a ball is very influential on the quality of basketball. Basketball with a well-known brand usually has trusted quality and has an attractive appearance. Branded basketball always maintains its quality from day to day.

When you choose branded basketball, the quality that is given is guaranteed. You can also choose the appropriate size and material when buying basketball from a well-known brand. One well-known brand will usually use several materials to make high-quality basketball.

4. Choose According to the Sensation of Touching the Ball

The important thing to consider when buying a basketball is knowing the sensation of touch. You can touch the basketball comfortably when not in use in the game.

When you feel comfortable when using the basketball, it can be easily controlled and used when the movement. Basketball that is comfortable to use will increase the frequency of your playing so you can easily improve your scoring skills in basketball games.

The touch of the ball will usually depend on the base material and size. Therefore, you can choose the ball according to the material to get the best ball sensation.

5. Buy It at the Official Shop

When you have the basketball brand and material you want, make sure to choose an official store that sells sports equipment. Official stores that sell sports equipment will usually guarantee the quality of the item.

You will also get original goods with official guarantees when buying goods at official stores. The price you get at the official sports shop is also quite affordable so it doesn’t burden your finances.

You need to apply some of the ways to choose basketball above to have superior quality and easy-to-use basketball. You can easily take up your hobby and make the game even more fun when you choose the right basketball.