8 Volleyball Sports Equipment and Their Functions

Volleyball is a sport in which the primary tool is the ball. The main point of this sport is that players can only use their hands to catch and hit the ball.

As many as two teams can play this sport. Each team has six players. Each player has a different job, such as setter, spiker, server, or libero.

In volleyball, the goal is to keep the ball moving so it can go over the top of the net or net.

Volleyball looks easy, but it takes a lot of gear to play. The International Volleyball Federation even has size rules for the equipment used in this sport (FBVI).

Before you start playing volleyball, it’s always a good idea to find out what gear you’ll need.

1. Volleyball court

volleyball sports equipment

Like soccer or basketball, volleyball needs a field as a place to play. The volleyball court is rectangular and has been split into two equal-sized parts.

The standard volleyball court size for the Olympics is 18 meters long and 9 meters wide. The distance between the defenders and the center line is 3 meters and is limited on each side by a 5 cm line.

Also, the field’s surface must be flat on both sides, so players don’t get hurt. This sport can be played indoors, but the field must have a brightly colored surface, and synthetic materials can be used for the base.

2. Volleyball

volleyball sports equipment

The next piece of volleyball gear is a perfectly round ball made of leather or something similar that has a hole in the middle and is made of rubber. The FIVB has decided that volleyball must have a pattern in the form of a light color combination.

Volleyballs must have a diameter of 18 to 20 cm, a circumference of 65 to 67 cm, and an air pressure of 4.26 to 4.61 hPa/psi, or 0.30 to 0.325 kg per cm. Not only that, but after being filled with air, the volleyball must weigh between 260 and 280 grams.

3. Volleyball Pole and Net

volleyball sports equipment

Poles and nets are also necessary pieces of equipment for volleyball. The pole and network divide the field into two equal parts, so they can’t be taken apart.

The height of the volleyball net is also different for men and women. From the top of the net to the ground, the net height for men’s volleyball is about 2.34 meters, while the net height for women is about 2.24 meters.

According to FBVI rules, volleyball nets must be 1 meter long and 9.5 to 10 meters wide, including the pole’s 25 to 50 cm wide side tape.

The poles on both sides of the net must also meet the FBVI standard, which says they should be 2.55 m tall and placed 0.5 to 1 m from the edge line in the middle of the field.

4. Volleyball Outfit

volleyball sports equipment

Volleyball clothes should fit your body size, and you shouldn’t wear oversized shirts because they can make it hard to move. Most of the time, people who play volleyball wear T-shirts and shorts.

This sport requires speed and freedom of movement, so volleyball players should wear sweatshirts and shorts that absorb sweat well so they can move more freely.

5. Volleyball Shoes

sepatu voli

Shoes are another piece of gear that volleyball players need to think about. Like soccer and basketball shoes, volleyball shoes have their shapes and styles.

The shape of these shoes is pretty big, but they fit well enough to keep your feet from getting hurt. Volleyball shoes were not made for running, so it makes sense that they feel heavier. However, players can still quickly jump into them.

6. Elbow Protector

volleyball sports equipment

When playing volleyball, elbow pads or elbow protectors can be used. As the name suggests, this tool helps protect the player’s elbow when chasing after a ball falling to the ground. Players’ elbows are often the center of attention, which can be dangerous if they aren’t protected.

7. Knee Protector

volleyball sports equipment

Knee protectors or kneepads are also needed to protect the knees, so they don’t get hurt when they hit the ground. Not only that, but knee protectors can also keep volleyball players’ knee joints safe when they jump.

8. Finger Segment Protector

volleyball sports equipment

Please keep in mind that not all volleyball players wear finger joint guards. Most of the time, only players whose job is to block wear this shield. This is meant to make it less likely that the knuckles will get hurt.

Some of the things you need to play volleyball are the ones listed above. Before the game starts, it’s a good idea to have all this volleyball gear ready. This is to ensure that the volleyball game goes well and follows the rules set by the FBVI, which is the parent organization of volleyball. We hope that the above information can help.