Types of Welding Machines and How Its Work

Welding is joining two or more metals together by heating them to the point where they melt. This can be done with or without pressure and with or without additives.

A welding machine is used to join the pieces together. There are two types of welding machines, which are:

1. Electric Welding Machine

Types of Welding Machines

An electric welding machine is a machine that uses electricity and a certain amount of electricity based on the material being welded.

An electric welding machine turns an electric voltage into an electric current that makes a certain amount of heat. There are several different kinds of electric welding machines, including:

Alternating Current Welding Machine (AC Welding Machine)

An alternating current welding machine, also called an AC welding machine, needs alternating current from a power generator, also called an AC generator.

But the amount of electricity produced isn’t right, so it needs to be changed. A transformer is a device that changes the voltage.

The transformer changes the voltage of the electric current into a voltage that works best for the welding machine. This helps the alternating current welding machine work as well as possible. Most of the time, the step-down transformer is the type of transformer used in welding machines.

A welding machine that uses alternating current has these benefits:

  • The AC welding machine is not too expensive to buy or take care of.
  • Even if the handlebar installation position is changed, the AC welding machine will still work because the handlebar installation position does not affect how well the machine works.
  • The welding results with an alternating current machine are better because the electric arc flame on this type of machine is small.

Welding machines that use alternating current have some drawbacks:

  • Not all kinds of metal can be welded with an AC machine.
  • AC welding machines can’t use all types of electrodes.
  • Not all kinds of metal can be fused with an AC machine.
  • AC welding machines can’t use all kinds of electrodes.
  • This AC welding machine has a small electric arc flame, so the welding current goes up and down.

Direct Current Welding Machine (DC Welding Machine)

A direct current welding machine, also called a DC welding machine, is a machine that changes alternating current into direct current.

But this welding machine with a direct current needs a tool to change the electric current. This is why an electric dynamo is used in this welding machine.

An electric dynamo acts as a current rectifier to change alternating current into direct current in a direct current welding machine. Dynamo can be powered by gas, electric, and other engines.

Direct current welding machines have the following pros:

  • Because the electric arc flame is more stable, the welding current of a DC machine is more durable than that of an AC machine.
  • DC welding machines can be used with welding electrodes or wires.
  • DC welding machines can be used on iron, steel, and other materials.
  • Thin plates can be welded with it.
  • It’s easy to use and has more options.
  • The DC welding machine doesn’t make too much noise.

The problem with a direct current welding machine is that it has a different polarity, so it can’t be used on any pole because that would change the welding results.

Double Welding Machine (AC DC Welding Machine)

A double welding machine, also called an AC/DC welding machine, can be used with two different types of current at the same time. So, a device can weld with both direct current and alternating current.

This double welding machine is often used in shops that do many different kinds of work because you don’t have to change the welds for different types of welding.

A double current welding machine has these benefits:

  • More flexible and can be used for all kinds of welding.
  • It can be used in many different jobs in many other fields.
  • Has dual abilities.
  • It can be used with different things to weld, like iron, aluminum, etc.
  • It can be used for tough jobs, like welding thick, hard metal.

Not so good things about a double current welding machine:

  • The machine is heavier because it has both an AC welding machine and a DC welding machine.
  • Because it has so many settings, it’s not easy to use. Before you use an AC/DC welding machine, you should read the manual to ensure you’re not doing anything wrong. 

2. Carbide Welding Machine

Types of Welding Machines

A Carbide welding machine is a type of welding machine that doesn’t need electricity to work. It can be started with matches and wire instead of electricity.

The energy from acetylene gas is used to burn or heat a wire in a carbide welding machine.

Carbide welding machines are cheap and easy to maintain, both good things. The problem with carbide welding machines is that they can only be used to weld materials no more than 2 millimeters thick.