Types of Trolleys and Their Functions

Trolley is a tool used to transport something by being pushed. This tool usually has various types according to their needs. Trolleys are usually also used in hotels, factories, or others that require a tool to transport goods.

Many different types of trolleys have appeared until now. These types of trolleys certainly have their own functions. In this article you will understand the types of trolleys that are in the factory.

Here are 9 types of trolleys that are commonly found in various places, namely:

1. Tool Kit Trolley

tool kit trolley

Tool Kit Trolley is a trolley that serves to transport the work tools needed by workers in the factory. Consists of 3 to 5 rows, allowing many tools to fit in this trolley.

This trolley is usually used also in some vehicle service companies such as car and motorcycle repair shops because it can contain a lot of work tools.

2. Shopping Trolleys

shopping trolley

Shopping trolleys are trolleys that are commonly found in shopping places such as supermarkets or malls. This trolley serves to transport groceries while shopping.

With a hollow design and made of stainless steel and has a small seat for toddlers so you will feel safer when taking toddlers shopping.

There are also shopping trolleys that are small and made of plastic. It has two wheels and also a handle. So you can also lift this trolley. This shopping trolley is only for transporting small groceries.

3. Goods Trolleys

goods trolley

As the name implies, goods trolleys are used to transport goods that are usually needed. The goods trolley is strong and sturdy enough to transport various types of goods.

So it is very suitable for transporting heavy and large items without having to spend a lot of energy to move these items.

Generally, the function of the goods trolley is to transport goods, but here are some other functions of the goods trolley.

  • To transport necessary machinery or components inside the factory.
  • To send engine parts.
  • Transport company warehouse equipment.
  • Transporting consumer goods such as gallons of water, or others.

4. Luggage Trolley

luggage trolley

Luggage trolley is a trolley used to carry goods for guests who will stay at the hotel. Usually the hotel maids use this trolley to transport guests’ luggage. Because the items that guests bring are usually many and some are important items, this trolley is needed.

On the other hand, the use of this trolley is easy and fast, so it is very helpful for people who will carry their luggage. Not only for the world of hospitality, this trolley is also suitable for those of you who want to move goods into apartments, airports, and others.

Luggage Trolley uses stainless steel which is easy to use and anti-rust. It’s also easy to clean if the trolley gets dusty or dirty at any time.

5. Housekeeping Trolley

housekeeping trolley

Housekeeping trolley is a trolley that serves to load hotel equipment items such as guest equipment, cleaning supplies, and some additional equipment.

This trolley consists of several stacks of shelves, namely gadgets, amenities, stationaries, garbage humper, linen humper, trolley rack, and wheel. The order is based on the order from top to bottom.

The shelves have a function to accommodate guest supplies and cleaning supplies. While next to it there is a bag that serves to transport dirty garbage and dirty linen.

6. Service Stand Trolley

service stand trolley

Service stand trolley is a trolley that serves to load items intended for guests such as food and drinks. These trolleys are quite common in some large restaurants, hotels, airlines, industry, hospitals, and others.

There are three trolley stands that are generally used, namely:

  • Service stand trolley, is a push table commonly used in restaurants to deliver food to the table of buyers. Generally, have 3 shelves that can fit many plates and containers. Equipped with wheels that can be rotated in various directions so that it is easy to use and equipped with brakes so that it can stop safely.
  • Collect stand trolley, is a push table that is used to collect clean and dirty cutlery. With stainless steel material that is safe from rust because it is exposed to water too often.
  • Collect bin trolley, a push table for collecting food waste. With a design that is large enough to accommodate up to 5 garbage bags. And there is also a plastic tub that is easy to remove.

7. Laundry Trolley

laundry trolley

Laundry trolley is a trolley that is used to transport clothes, cloth, bed linen, blankets, or others, both dirty and clean. Because of its function, this trolley needs to have a strong and durable material.

So, this trolley has a thick cloth material. And also the color of the cloth is made of good quality so that it does not fade on the cloth or clothes being transported.

8. Janitor Trolley

janitor trolley

Janitor Trolley is a trolley that serves to load cleaning tools commonly used by cleaning services. Accompanied by four wheels where both wheels have a larger size than the other two wheels.

This trolley also has a bag that serves to load the garbage found. These trolleys are commonly found in malls, factories, and public places that require cleaning.

9. Gueridon Trolley

gueridon trolley

Gueridon trolley is a trolley used to prepare food in the dining room. This trolley is in the form of a side table that has wheels made of wood.

These trolleys are commonly found in fine restaurants that serve food in front of shoppers. So not all restaurants have this trolley.