12 Types of Tools for Wood Carving

Carving is an activity that takes expertise, imagination, and specialized procedures to create a work. To facilitate these activities, carving tools are required.

Woodcarving tools are generally split into chisels or carving tools, which are the primary tools, and additional tools. Both are necessary for wood carving operations to produce a work or product.

Typically, steel ingots or sawn steel are used to construct woodcarving tools. The results of carving tools made from the two materials will undoubtedly differ in terms of the chisel’s sharpness, the surface’s shape, and the blade’s texture.

However, various carving tools can be fashioned using these two materials to meet specific requirements. Determine what types of woodcarving instruments are usually employed for this task. Check out the list below:

1. Chisel

Types of Tools for Wood Carving

A curved or chisel is a chisel in which the edge is curved.

This chisel is used to carve ornaments in the shape of curved lines, circles, semicircles, and concave or convex lines, as its name suggests.

The majority of 20-piece chisel sets consist of measuring chisels. The chisel blade ranges in size from 1.5 mm to 350 mm. The length of the measuring chisel varies between 1,500 mm and 2,500 mm.

2. Warrior Chisel

Types of Tools for Wood Carving

Chisel or straight chisel refers to a chisel with a refined eye. The chisel is used to carve ornaments with straight, rectangular, triangular, zigzag, or base-shaped carvings.

This chisel is a member of the influential carving chisel group, which consists of approximately ten pieces. The tool blades range in width from 1.5 mm to 350 mm and in length from 1500 mm to 2500 mm.

3. Chisel V

Types of Tools for Wood Carving

The tip of a V chisel or strikethrough chisel resembles the letter V.

This chisel, which has another name, is used to carve accent lines or threads, textures consisting of straight lines or curved lines, and circles into the wood.

The V chisel is provided as an accessory or supplementary carving tool with between three and five blades. The V chisel’s length ranges from 2.5 mm to 150 mm, and its length is between 2200 mm and 2500 mm.

4. Chisel Col

Types of Tools for Wood Carving

A col chisel is a carving instrument with a curved blade tip but significantly more concave.

The col chisel’s purpose is to produce a deeper basin when the measuring chisel cannot reach it. Additionally, col chisels can be utilized to create textures on carved wood.

Similar to the V chisel, this carving instrument has between five and ten blades. In addition, the sizes range from 50 mm to 450 mm and around 2,200 mm to 2,500 mm in length.

5. Pengot Chisel

Types of Tools for Wood Carving

One or two bladed pengot chisels are offered as additional carving tools or accessories.

This carving tool’s knife-like tip is ideal for cleaning sections of the carving’s corner that cannot be reached with measuring or a chisel.

The length of the chisel blade ranges from 2,200 mm to 2,500 mm and is approximately 150 mm in width.

6. Hammer

Types of Tools for Wood Carving

For woodcarving, the most crucial instrument is a hammer or hammer. This instrument is utilized in tandem with carving tools.

A wooden hammer is a tool for striking the carving tool during the woodcarving process.

Wooden hammers, iron hammers, and rubber hammers are several types of hammers employed. Adapt to your needs.

7. Fiber Brush

Types of Tools for Wood Carving

The palm fiber brush removes debris or wood carving leftovers between the carvings. Thus, the carving results are seen, and the carving embellishments are not obscured.

8. Drilling machine

Types of Tools for Wood Carving

The drilling machine is one of the essential electronic tools for woodcarving. This machine’s purpose is to carve wood using openwork techniques or to create holes before the object is scrolled.

There are two common types of wood-carving drilling machines: bench drills and portable drills.

9. C/F Clamps

Types of Tools for Wood Carving

C/F clamps are tools used to clamp the workpiece on the workbench so that it does not move or move when it is being carved.

10. Sharpening Stone

Types of Tools for Wood Carving

For wood to be easily carved, the engraving tool must remain sharp. Because of this, a whetstone is required to sharpen or hone the chisel. This stone is a naturally occurring stone that is readily available on the market.

11. Scroll Saw and Jig Saw Machine

Types of Tools for Wood Carving

The scroll saw machine is necessary for wood carving, particularly when cutting carvings on the margins or creating delicate carvings in the center.

While the jigsaw is beneficial for loading the shape of the edges or holes engraving when the carved object size is too large or cannot be reached by the scroll saw, the jigsaw cannot load the form of the engraving of the edges or holes.

12. Sandpaper

Types of Tools for Wood Carving

Typically, sandpaper or sandpaper is used as the final step in wood carving. Its purpose is to smooth wood carving results. There are a variety of sandpaper sizes available on the market, and you may cut them to fit your demands.

These types of tools are used for cutting wood and their respective functions. Hopefully, the information provided above will be of use.