13 Types of Submarines That Exist in the World

There are many variety of ships in the world. One of them is a submarine. Submarines have a function to assist the military of a country in strengthening their maritime territory.

Submarines are owned by almost every country in the world. However, a country’s ownership of submarines consists of various types. That’s because the countries that produce submarines are diverse, such as Germany, America, Britain, Russia, Japan and Korea.

Each type of submarine has its own advantages, where the advantages also make the price of the submarine more expensive in the market. The following are the types of submarines in the world:

1. Electric Diesel Submarine

electric diesel submarine
Electric Diesel Submarine

The first type of submarine is an electric diesel submarine. This submarine works by using a propulsion system, where this system is the oldest ship propulsion system that is still in use today.

This type of submarine is also more dangerous when compared to nuclear submarines.

2. Nuclear Submarines

nuclear submarine
Nuclear Submarine

This type of submarine uses a pressurized water reactor as a power source to rotate a turbine, which mainly drives a propeller and an electric motor that charges a battery that produces electricity for various purposes.

The advantages of these nuclear submarines are their long operational life and the power of a reliable submarine.

3. Engineless Submarine

enginelss submarine
Engineless Submarine

Engineless submarines are submarines that are shaped like a bell in water with an open floor. Another name for this engineless submarine is bathysphere.

4. Seawolf Class

seawolf class
Seawolf Class

The next type of submarine is the seawolf class, where the seawolf class is a nuclear fast attack submarine in service with the USN. This seawolf class was designed in 1983.

5. Virginia Class

virgina class
Virginia Class

The virginia class is intended for a wide spectrum of open ocean and littoral missions. Still in an alternate period from the seawolf class, this ship plans to be acquired in 2043.

6. Astute Class

astute class
Astute Class

One of the next types of submarines is the Astute class which has the newest nuclear power in service. The first time this submarine launched was in 2007, and commissioned in 2010. This type of submarine class is a replacement for the Trafalgar class.

7. Graney Class

graney class
Graney Class

The Graney class of submarines is a series of submarines with the latest nuclear-powered cruise missiles designed by Malakhit and Sevmash. This submarine is currently built for the Russian navy. These submarines were based on the Akula and alpha submarines and were thought to replace Soviet-era attack submarines.

8. Sierra II Class

sierra II class
Sierra II Classs

The next type of submarine is the Sierra II class, which is a submarine that has nuclear power which is useful for the Soviet navy and is currently in service with the Russian navy.

These submarines are light in weight and made of strong titanium, allowing ships of this class to dive deeper, reducing noise and increasing torpedo attack resistance.

Submarines of this class are continuously being developed for the search and destruction mission of US nuclear submarines.

9. Los Angeles Class

los angeles class
Los Angeles Class

The Los Angeles class submarine is a nuclear-powered fast attack submarine commissioned by the United States Navy. Other names for this submarine is class 688.

Its main function was to compose the US attack submarine division for half a century. The strength of this ship was that it had a high speed of about 33 knots and had an advanced computer at that time.

10. Akula Class

akula class
Akula Class

The sub-class of the Akula class was first launched in 1986. In this class there are four sub-classes which consist of the original seven Akulas.

The Akula class is the first nuclear-powered submarine class launched by the Soviet Navy. Also known as snow leopard.

11. Soryu Class

soryu class
Soryu Class

It is also known as the first independent air propulsion submarine in Japan. The Soryu class submarine is the design inspiration for the Oyashio class submarine.

This ship is equipped with Kockums engine and licensed by Kawasaki so it has the advantage of being submerged for longer.

This ship is also the first ship equipped with lithium ion batteries in the world. This battery has twice the power storage capacity of a traditional lead acid battery and also increases the charging capacity of the battery.

12. Ohio Class

ohio class
Ohio Class

The Ohio class submarines are the power of America in establishing a nuclear strategy. This type of submarine is still in operation today, starting from its inception in the early 70s.

This submarine class is also the third largest submarine after the Akula class and the Borei class. And has an immersion weight of about 19,000 tons.

13. Oscar II Class

oscar II class
Oscar II Class

The next type of submarine is the Oscar II class. The Oscar II class is a series of nuclear-powered missile submarines originating in Russia. This is the fourth largest type of submarine in terms of displacement and extension.

The initial launch of the Oscar II class was in the 70s and began assigned in 1980. And in 1982, changes were made to make the ship bigger than the previous version.

Those are some explanations about the types of submarines that exist in the world and are owned and produced by the strongest countries in the world. The parts of a submarine may vary depending on the type.