10 Types of Spoons and Their Functions

A spoon is a piece of flatware with an oval or round shape used to scoop food. Most people know that spoons come in two sizes: tablespoons and teaspoons. Both types of spoons are used every day, especially for eating.

It turns out that there are different kinds of spoons based on what they are used for. And here’s a look at the different kinds of spoons and what they’re used for.

1. Dinner Spoon

types of spoons

Most people use the tablespoon spoon the most. This spoon is oval and has a deep bowl, which makes it easy to pick up food from the plate.

This spoon is between 18 cm and 218 cm long. Many people need a tablespoon spoon to be able to eat their main course.

2. Serving Spoon

types of spoons

Serving spoons are big enough to hold a lot of food and are about 220 mm long. At each end, a deep hollow makes it more comprehensive.

This is because the purpose of the serving spoon is to make it easy to serve and move food to the plate. This spoon is sometimes used with a serving fork.

3. Tea Spoon

type of spoons

A teaspoon is a type of spoon that is small and is a must-have spoon in many homes. A teaspoon is about 15.3 mm long; as its name suggests, it is used to dissolve sugar in tea.

But some people use a teaspoon to measure salt, pepper, and other spices and cooking ingredients.

4. Soup Spoon

types of spoons

At first glance, a soup spoon looks like a tablespoon, but the tip is round, comprehensive, and concave, and the stem is a little longer.

This spoon is made to scoop up soup or dishes with gravy so they can be quickly taken out of the bowl.

5. Dessert Spoon

types of spoons

This spoon is a good idea if you want to eat desserts like pudding or cake. The shape of a dessert spoon is small or about twice as big as a teaspoon, which is about 20 cm.

The end of this spoon is oval-shaped. It is meant to make cutting the dessert and taking it off the plate easier.

6. Demitasse Spoon

types of spoons

There are special spoons for stirring sugar, creamer, or milk into a cup of coffee. These spoons are called “coffee spoons.” Since its only job is to stir coffee, it makes sense that this spoon is only about 14 cm long.

Most places that serve coffee, like cafes and coffee shops, have coffee spoons.

7. Iced Beverage Spoon

type of spoons

This spoon is easy to tell apart from others because it has a long handle and a round tip like a teaspoon. This spoon can be anywhere from 17 to 25 cm long.

This spoon stirs drinks like milkshakes, juice, lemon tea, and iced coffee in tall glasses.

8. Salad Spoon

type of spoons

If you like to eat salads, you’ve probably seen this one spoon before. A salad spoon looks like a soup spoon, but the tip is about 21 cm long and slightly flattened. Most of the time, this spoon comes with a salad fork.

9. Ice Cream Spoon

types of spoons

A spoon with a square tip is called an ice cream scoop. The flat end of the spoon is meant to make it easier to get a single scoop of ice cream.

Also, the spoon’s depression is neither too deep nor too flat. The size is about 155 mm, which is pretty tiny, so it is easy to hold and use to get ice cream.

10. Sugar Spoon

type of spoons

The sugar spoon is easy to tell apart from other utensils because it has a very different shape. This spoon is about 139 mm long and looks like a clam shell.

As the name suggests, a sugar spoon is used only for sugar, usually put in tea or coffee. But many people like to take sugar with a teaspoon instead of a sugar spoon.

So, you need to know about the different kinds of spoons. The information above should help and give you more information.