Types of Socket Wrench and The Functions

A key is a tool that mechanics use that plays a very important role in the workshop tools. There are different types of workshop wrench, and a quasi lock is one of them.

A socket wrench is a key with a round head that can be used to keep nuts or bolts on car engines from coming loose.

At one end, there is a hole that looks like a six-to-twelfth of a hexagon. When compared to a wrench or a ring wrench, the socket wrench is thought to be the most secure and easy-to-use key.

There is one set of socket wrenches with different types and sizes, from the smallest to the biggest. Just make it fit the size of the nut or bolt that is already there.

Read on to learn more about the different kinds of quasi locks and what they are used for:

Based on The Key Points

When viewed from the wrench points, the socket wrench is divided into 3 types, namely:

  • Conventional Nut Lock Points
Types of Socket Wrench

Most socket wrenches with these keys come in sizes with diameters between 4.5 mm and 32 mm.

Using a regular nut wrench is easy; you just need to replace the eye with the one you want and then attach it to the drive. The socket wrench that fits this key comes in two sizes: 6 and 12.

  • Star Bolt Lock Eye
Types of Socket Wrench

This socket wrench is also called a “star bit socket” because its shape looks like a star. The socket wrench comes in sizes T20, T25, T27, T30, T40, T45, T50, T55, and T60, among others.

  • Impact Key Eyes
Types of Socket Wrench

Almost every impact socket wrench is made up of different kinds of springs. Not just regular bolts, but also L bolts and star bolts.

But the materials used to make the impact socket wrench and the regular socket wrench show that they are not the same. Most of the time, the material used to make the impact socket wrench is strong.

Not only that, but the impact lock eye is very easy to describe because it is black, which is a color that is used all over the world.

A ratchet handle isn’t the only way to use an impact socket wrench. You can also use an air impact wrench that is hooked up to a compressor.

Based on the Number of Points on the Keyhole Socket

Types of Socket Wrench

The type of socket wrench can also be distinguished based on the number of points contained in the socket wrench, including:

  • Socket Wrench 6pt (Hexagonal)

This wrench has the best capability for tightening with a large torque.

  • Socket Wrench 12pt (Double Hexagonal)

This socket wrench is considered to have more capability, especially at a smaller sliding angle (the angle used when sliding the lock handle when tightening or removing bolts).

Based on Short Length of Socket Wrench Tube

Types of Socket Wrench

The socket wrench can also be distinguished based on the short length of the socket wrench tube, namely:

  • Short Sock Lock Tube

Most of the time, a short tube is used to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts. With the short lock tube, it takes a lot of force to tighten it.

  • Long Sock Lock Tube

People usually use long or deep socket wrench tubes to loosen and tighten bolts with a moderate tightening moment.

Long, fancy tubes are also often used to describe bolts or nuts that are in holes or nuts with bolts sticking out of them, like engine mounting bolts.

Based on the size of the drive hole in the socket wrench

Types of Socket Wrench

The type of socket wrench can be distinguished by the size of the drive hole or the hole it has. There are various sizes of holes in a socket wrench, including:

  • Size ¼ inchi (0,6 cm)
  • Size 3/8 inchi (0,9 cm)
  • Size ½ inchi (1,3 cm)
  • Size ¾ inchi (1,9 cm)

The size of the socket wrench also has a big effect on the other tools that can be used with it. This is because the different sizes of the quasi-keyhole can’t be switched.

These are some types of quasi-locks you should know about. Each socket wrench has its own job to do, so make sure the right one is used for the job.