8 Types of Sewing Machines and Their Functions

A sewing machine is a tool that is made to make various clothing products. This machine has the function to combine parts of the fabric to form a garment such as shirts, pants, and others.

Previously, before the existence of sewing machines, people use manual techniques, such as only using needles and threads. Overtimes, there have been many kinds of sewing machines on the market.

Of course, this is intended to make it easier for users to use sewing machines, also shorten the used time, so the sewing process becomes faster. The result will be better and neater.

Here are 8 types of sewing machines on the market.

1. Classic Sewing Machine

classic sewing machine

The classic sewing machine is the first type of the sewing machine invented. This machine still uses rubber connected with the tray at the bottom, which functions to rotate the pulley on the sewing machine. However, this tray is moved by foot, so the tray is operated manually.

Initially, this machine is only for chain stitching. However, chain stitches are considered easy to come off over time, so the clothes do not last long. Therefore, the inventor of the classic sewing machine continues to innovate in making the classic sewing machine capable of producing various types of stitches.

The classic sewing machine works is pretty easy. You only need to use the tray at the bottom of the sewing machine then the pulley will spin. The pulley’s rotation will make the needle on the machine move so it can make a stitch.

Right now, many classic sewing machines use dynamo as the pulley, so you do not have to spin the pulley.

Indeed it is very efficient. Also, the price of a classic sewing machine is relatively low, so many people still use this machine to make clothes or sew clothes that have been torn.

2. High-Speed sewing Machine

high-speed sewing machine

As the name implies, this machine uses high speed for the sewing process. With speed it has, undoubtedly the sewing process will be completed faster, and the resulting clothes will be much neater.

However, to use this type of sewing machine, a particular skill is needed so that the stitches are not messy.

This type of sewing machine is very suitable for the convection business. In addition to its advantages of high speed, the offered price is also relatively low for the convection business.

Indeed, many convection businesses have used this type of sewing machine because of those advantages.

3. Digital Sewing Machine

digital sewing machine

A digital sewing machine is a sewing machine equipped with a computer system and uses high speed for the process. Usually, a digital sewing machine also has many features that will help when making clothes.

Using a digital sewing machine is considered quite confusing, but you will surely understand it over time. In advance, you only need to know the buttons and features of the digital sewing machine to operate it.

Behind these advantages, to get this sewing machine, you need to dig deep into your pocket because it has a pretty high price. However, it is certainly comparable with what you will get after having this type of sewing machine.

4. Overlock Sewing Machine

overlock sewing machine

Overlock Sewing Machine is a type of high-speed sewing machine that smoothing the edges of clothes by overlocking in one movement. If the sewing machine uses only two threads, the overlock machine uses three or more threads.

Usually, the edge of the overlock sewing machine is equipped with a knife called an overlock knife. This knife is to produce a neater stitch.

The overlock sewing machine also has a role in making neater clothes, so this machine is essential in the convection world.

5. Two Chain Sewing Machine

two-chain sewing machine

This sewing machine uses a three-needle feed mechanism to catch the threads that produce double (two) chain stitch. So this sewing machine is suitable for ordinary stitches, decorative stitches, bedcover, leather, etc.

The two-chain sewing machine is also a sewing machine that is commonly used in the convection business.

6. Overdeck Sewing Machine

overdeck sewing  machine

Overdeck sewing machine uses a fairly complete closed automatic lubrication system. The main drive uses a timing belt to create high speed and to reduce the noise.

This sewing machine is usually used to sew nylon or scallop-type zippers, or it can also be used to make t-shirt based clothes.

7. Neci (Wolsum) Sewing Machine

wolsum sewing machine

A neci sewing machine is a type of sewing machine that has the same function as an overlock machine: to sew the edge of the fabric to make it neater.

However, this sewing machine certainly has a difference from the overlock sewing machine. The difference lies in the results. The results from the neci machine are certainly denser and look better than the results from the overlock sewing machine.

8. Buttonhole Sewing Machine

buttomhole sewing machine

As the name implies, this sewing machine serves to make deep stitches or make buttonholes on clothes. So that when tearing the buttonholes, it will not spread everywhere. It is necessary to make a boundary on the buttonhole; that’s why this machine is used.

There are other types of buttonhole sewing machines that can attach buttons at once. Still, not all types of buttonhole sewing machines can do this. Indeed those type of sewing machine has a higher price.

Those are several types of sewing machines on the market. You can determine the sewing machine that you will buy according to your needs.