6 Types of Rulers and Their Functions

A ruler is one type of measuring instrument that is quite common and widely used in everyday life. This tool will usually be used to measure the length of an object. A ruler will certainly make it easier for you to get valid measurement results.

There are many types of rulers that you can find, from the shape of the ruler, the function of the ruler, to the material used to make the ruler. The large selection of rulers will make it easier for you to choose the type of ruler you want.

However, before you buy a ruler, make sure to choose the type that matches the object you are measuring. This is necessary because a type of ruler that is not suitable for an object will result in invalid measurement results.

As you know, there are several types of rulers, ranging from small to large sizes. The size of this ruler will also affect the measurements to be made. For those of you who want to measure an object, make sure to choose the right type of ruler.

1. Straight Ruler

staright ruler

This is the type of ruler that is most often used and almost everyone has. This ruler is capable of measuring straight lines from tables to geometric shapes. There are several size options available for this type of ruler. These rulers usually have sizes ranging from 10 cm to 100 cm.

However, it is not uncommon for you to find a ruler of a fairly large size. The lines obtained from using this ruler will look more organized. You can also easily determine the size of an object using this ruler.

2. Triangular Ruler

triangular ruler

Triangular rulers are often used to draw lines that are perpendicular or sloping. This is the reason why many architects and designers use triangular rulers. Triangular rulers have two common angular measurements; angle 45° and angle 60°.

This angle will usually be chosen according to the needs, starting from drawing the shape of the building, clothing patterns, to replicating the building. To be able to use this ruler, you only need to put the ruler’s feet on the image T. You can draw straight or form an angle using this type of ruler.

3. Circle Ruler

circle ruler

This ruler often helps you to make circles neatly and with a precise count. You can’t go wrong with circles when you choose this ruler. The advantage of this ruler is that in one ruler it doesn’t only consist of one circle. This will make it easier for you to determine which circle to use.

For those of you who are going to take the exam and are confused about forming a circular pattern on the answer sheet, you can use this circle ruler. You will get perfect dark circles when you use this type of ruler.

4. Fold Ruler

fold ruler

You might be a little surprised by the name of this ruler. This ruler is a ruler with a size that is long enough but can be placed in a narrow space. This will certainly help you when you put the ruler in the bag. You also don’t have to worry about breaking the ruler when you put it in the bag.

This ruler will make it easier for you to store items neatly and orderly. The flexible ruler is perfect for urgent needs such as drawing long objects outdoors.

5. Three-Sided Ruler

three-sided ruler

If you look at the name, of course, you will see that this ruler has 3 interconnected sides. The ruler is the same length and angle.

You will find the advantages of this ruler ranging from the ease of measuring to the scale of the image you get. You can draw house plans, buildings, or other things using this type of ruler.

The designs that are formed when you use this ruler will be neater and more organized in scale. Therefore, it is not uncommon for this ruler to become a ruler that is often used by architects and contractors. Its medium size and also its significant use are the strong reasons many people continue to use this type of ruler.

6. T-Ruler


This ruler is often used to make images more interesting. Most people call this ruler an image ruler. You can easily find a flat line using this type of ruler.

Using this ruler is quite easy, which is by shifting the end to the part that will be given the line. You will get fairly straight, interesting lines using this type of ruler.

This ruler is perfect for those of you who like to draw and do a lot of experiments around pictures. Not only that, but you can also find this ruler at any store that sells stationery.

All of the rulers described above are fairly common rulers. You can also find all of these rulers easily at stationery stores both online and offline.