9 Types of Printers and Their Functions

Printer is an electronic device that functions to print documents or photos from your PC or mobile phone. Printers are certainly very easy to find, these objects can be found in offices, schools, internet cafes, and other places.

It’s very useful in converting text into printable graphic forms and used to make additional income as photocopy owners do.

Initially the printer was only made to print documents, and only in black and white. However, printers have now grown rapidly where many types of printers have emerged such as printers that can scan and copy. This will certainly help you more in terms of printing documents.

Printers have many types based on how they work. There are several types of printers that you can identify based on how they work. The following are the types of printers.

1. Inkjet Printers

inkjet printers

The first type of printer is the Inkjet printer. This printer is a printer that is commonly found in everyday life because the way it works is quite fast.

This printer sprays ink onto the top of the paper according to the data received from the connected device. The ink is placed in a container called a cartridge.

This printer has the advantage that the quality of the prints on the paper is very good. So this printer is suitable for printing large images because of the quality it produces.

2. LaserJet Printers

laserjet printers

The second type of printer is a LaserJet printer. This printer uses a laser to print text or images contained in the document to be printed.

The way this laser works is by shining a laser into the printed paper which can create a pattern for the image to be printed.

The advantage of LaserJet printers is that the print speed is faster than inkjet printers. In addition, the resulting image quality is also quite good.

3. LED/LCD Printers

led/lcd printers

The next type of printer is an LED/LCD printer. In this printer, the specifications are similar to LaserJet printers, but this printer is equipped with an LED/LCD screen.

Using this screen will certainly make it easier for users to print because various information related to printing is showed on the screen.

Because the specifications of this printer are the same as LaserJet printers, of course the quality produced is also good. Another advantage of this printer is the LED/LCD screen which is very helpful.

4. Dot Matrix Printers

dot matrix printers

The next type of printer is the Dot Matrix Printer. This printer has a quite unique way of working, namely by using a ribbon and a set of ribbons that have been arranged to print.

The way this printer works is the same as a typewriter which has a slow speed in printing letters in text. This printer is usually found to print the total goods in a warehouse or other.

5. Solid Ink Printers

solid ink printer

A solid ink printer is a type of printer that uses ink made from melted wax. The way this printer works is by melting the ink first and then the ink will be accommodated in a certain container.

Then it will be transferred to a container such as a drum and the printer will cool the ink before it is printed on paper.

6. Thermal Printer

thermal printer

Then there is a thermal printer, which is a printer used to print bills or receipts at supermarkets or shopping. The way a thermal printer work is by heating the paper from the roll, the paper will turn dark when heated.

The mechanism of this printer is quite easy, which is by pulling the paper adjacent to the print head in which there is an automatic permanent. The heater is certainly capable of producing simple text and images on paper.

The advantage of this printer is that this printer does not require ink in the printing process, but it has the disadvantage that it is only used for simple text, such as printing groceries bills.

7. All in One/Multifunction Printer

multifunction printer

This printer is a printer that can be used for many purposes such as print, scan, fax, telephone and others. Of course with these advantages all can be done only with this printer. However, with these various advantages, the price of this printer is very expensive.

8. Plotter Printer

plotter printer

The next type of printer is a plotter printer. Plotter printers are printers that can print images on print media that have textures such as stickers, vinyl, surface paper, and various other materials. The result is also quite good because it is intended to make good graphics.

This type of printer is suitable for use in digital printing services because it has the advantage that it can print on printed materials which not all printers can do.

9. Bubble Jet Printer

bubble jet printer

The last type of printer is a bubble jet printer which is a printer that can produce prints similar to film prints.

But the drawback of this printer is that this printer is not able to print large sizes. Bubble jet printers can be used directly without having to be moved first.

Those are the types of printers that you need to know. If you want to buy a printer, adjust it to your budget and needs. Inkjet printers are the right choice if your budget is limited and you really need a printer.