13 Types of Plates and Bowls with Their Functions

There are many types of plates and bowls that are used for various purposes. Plate and bowl are objects that are functioned to serve food.

For a luxurious and expensive meal, the selection of plates or bowls for those foods should be taken into account according to the theme or needs of those foods.

Therefore, this discussion is about several types of plates and bowls on the market according to their function. Even though it looks similar, various types of plates and bowls below surely have different functions.

Here are the types of plates and bowls with their functions:

1. Dinner Plate

dinner plate

The first type of plate is the dinner plate. The dinner plate is the type of plate that usually be used to serve the main dish. This plate is in the form of a flat circle with a diameter around 26 cm. However, it also has various sizes ranging from 8 inches, 9 inches, to 12 inches.

The dinner plate consists of two types of plates, those are flat shaped plate and concave shaped plate. However, those two plates have the same function.

2. Dessert Plate

dessert plate

A dessert plate is a plate that is used to serve dessert. The size of this plate is smaller than the dinner plate because it is specialized to serve dessert, which is little and small.

Besides serving dessert, this dessert plate is can also be used for an appetizer. You can easily find this dessert plate at important events, such as weddings, birthday parties, etc.

3. Appetizer Plate

appetizer plate

As the name implies, an appetizer plate is a plate that is used to serve appetizers. The size of this plate is ranging from 17 cm and generally it has a curved edge but without indentation.

Actually, this appetizer plate is quite similar to the bread and butter plate, but the appetizer plate has a bigger size.

4. Bread and Butter Plate

bread and butter plate

A bread and butter plate is a plate that is used to serve bread and butter. Usually often used at luxurious restaurants that have many types of plates and food menus.

The size of this plate is smaller than the appetizer plate, around 15 cm. With a round and flat shape like a dinner plate.

5. Fish Plate

fish plate

It can be ascertained that this plate is functioned to serve kinds of fish dishes. With an oval shape and ranging sizes in accordance with the size of the fish that will be put on the fish plate.

6. Salad Plate

salad plate

A salad plate is used to serve salad in two different sizes. Usually, the sizes of salad plates are 20 cm and 22 cm. Usually placed together with a dinner plate, which becomes the base for the main dish.

7. Soup Plate

soup plate

To serve a soup dish, you can use a soup plate. This soup plate is a plate that has most different shape compared to other types of plates because it has a shape that is almost like a bowl.

The diameter of the soup plate is around 9 to 10 inches, the width of the edge is around 1 to 2 inches, the depth is up to 1 inch, and the inner section is 6 to 7 inches.

8. Rice Bowl

rice bowl

A rice bowl is a bowl that is used to fill the rice in it. This bowl is usually used at Chinese restaurants. The size of this bowl is around 4 inches to 4.5 inches.

Now, there are many rice bowl modifications, even it is used for one of the culinary businesses. Rice bowl with warm rice and various vegetables also delicious side dish is suitable for traveling.

9. Cereal Bowl

cereal bowl

A cereal bowl can hold various foods, from soup to vegetables. The cereal bowl is designed to retain heat without transferring heat to the outside also keep your hand safe from burns. Generally, a cereal bowl can hold between 8 to 16 ounces liquid, or 1 to 2 cups.

10. Finger Bowl

finger bowl

The finger bowl is a special bowl that is used as a water container for hand washing before dine. Usually, it is located on top of the dining table beside the main dish. This finger bowl is small in size and shaped like a half ball.

11. Sugar Bowl

sugar bowl

The sugar bowl is a small bowl that is designed to hold sugar or rock sugar, to serve with the tea or coffee in the Western tradition. Usually, it is made from stainless steel, so it is durable enough to be used for foodstuffs such as sugar.

12. Supreme Bowl

supreme bowl

A supreme bowl is a bowl that is usually available at luxurious restaurants. That is because this bowl is a special bowl that is used to serve desserts, such as shrimp cocktail or ice cream or it can also for other luxurious dishes.

13. Butter Bowl

butter bowl

As the name implies, a butter bowl is made for a butter container that is usually served together with other dishes. This bowl is quite small because it is intended for butter or margarine.

Those are the types of plates and bowls with their functions that you can know. Customize your plate and bowl needs when serving a dish, so it can be easily eaten.

Also, you need to know the types of forks and spoons, so you can match them with the plates and bowls used.