7 Types of Padlocks and Their Security Levels

Padlocks are one thing that people often use to lock their home doors or fences. Using this padlock is a way to keep bad things from happening, like theft or losing something valuable.

The padlock itself is a mechanism that is usually made of a metal rod in the shape of a “U,” with a keyhole on one end of the link.

From what we know about history, the padlock is the world’s oldest security device. It has been around since Roman times. There are many different kinds of padlocks on the market today.

Of course, each lock has a different way of keeping people from getting in. And here’s what you need to know about the different kinds of locks and how they work:

1. Conventional Padlock

Types of Padlocks

Most people choose padlocks that are simple and easy to use. This padlock is easy to get and doesn’t cost too much. It also has a simple shape.

It would be best to have a key that works with the lock to open a lock. There are two types of regular padlocks: those with short and long necks.

Using a hacksaw, it’s straightforward to break this type of lock. So the security level of most padlocks is not very good.

On the other hand, normal padlocks have closed necks that are hard to break even with a saw.

2. Straight Locking Padlock

Types of Padlocks

This padlock is similar to the usual kind, except that the hook is straight. Because of this, the padlocks will last longer than other padlocks.

Straight lock padlocks are often used to lock things that need more security, like safes, iron doors, or containers.

This padlock work is pretty much the same as how other padlocks work. Just that the lock is smaller and the locking padlock is straight, so there isn’t much chance of the padlock getting broken or damaged.

3. Padlock with Passcode

Types of Padlocks

You don’t need a key to open the latch on a padlock. As the name suggests, this padlock uses a number-based passcode to open and close the latch.

Compared to other padlocks, this one with a passcode is a lot more complicated for security.

This padlock works by putting the numbers that make up the passcode in order. But this can be a problem if the person who owns the padlock forgets the order of the numbers on the padlock.

h menjadi kode sandi secara berurutan. Namun hal ini dapat menjadi masalah apabila pemilik gembok lupa mengenai kombinasi nomor pada gembok.

4. Padlock With Chain

Types of Padlocks

This padlock is shaped differently than most padlocks. A chain of a certain length is used as a hook on this padlock. Some models even have their way of locking.

People often use chain padlocks to lock house gates, cars, bicycles, barn doors, etc. Chain locks are strong because you can wrap the chain around the safety to make it very tight.

The chain lock is straightforward to use. Wrap the chain around the thing you want to lock, then put the hook into the locking hole. Just put the key in the hole and turn it to open it.

5. Padlock with Fingerprint

Types of Padlocks

Normal padlocks, opened with a key, are not the same as padlocks. This padlock doesn’t need a key because all it needs is the owner’s fingerprint.

This padlock is very useful because you don’t have to use a key or remember a passcode to open it. It’s great for people who always lose their keys or can’t remember phone numbers.

For this padlock to work, it needs batteries. It’s enough to charge it the same way you’d charge a cellphone.

The fingerprint padlock is easy to figure out how to use. Just put the fingerprint that has been recorded on the padlock above the fingerprint scanner for a few seconds until the padlock completely opens.

6. Digital Padlock

Types of Padlocks

The next type of padlock to learn about is a digital one. Like padlocks that work with fingerprints, this one can be opened without a key.

The digital lock is like a bigger version of the passcode lock. A few number buttons on this padlock must be pressed to open it.

The numbers that show up have been put there digitally, and a battery powers most digital padlocks.

Even now, there are digital padlocks that connect to smartphones or smartphones. Later, this padlock will only be able to be opened with a smartphone, not by pressing the button on the padlock.

7. Combination Padlock

Types of Padlocks

Combination padlocks are a mix of different padlocks that have been around for a long time. This padlock can be both a regular padlock and a passcode lock simultaneously.

There is also a combination lock between a fingerprint lock and a passcode lock. Comparing the security system of a combination lock to that of a fingerprint or digital padlock shows that it is much more complicated.

How well these padlock works depends on what kind of security system it has. For a combination lock with a fingerprint and a passcode, for example, the padlock might need a fingerprint scan first and then the passcode to work perfectly.

You need to know about these types of locks. As a suggestion, you should choose a padlock based on your needs and the level of security you want. Ensure the padlock is of the highest quality and has a well-known brand name.