11 Types of Ovens and How to Use It

The oven is a piece of cooking tools used to bake things like bread and cakes. But these days, the oven is used for more than just baking. For example, it can be used to fry food without oil.

It makes sense that there are now different kinds of ovens that can be made to fit your needs. It’s also important to remember that the type of food you cook will depend greatly on the oven you choose. If you want to buy an oven, it would be best to know about the different kinds and their use.

1. Conventional Oven

Types of Ovens

Usually, this kind of oven is attached to a gas stove and is at the bottom of the stove. So, regular ovens can’t be moved easily or left in one place for a long time.

Even so, traditional ovens are solid and big enough to hold a lot of food. Even this oven has different features, like a timer, a temperature gauge, and lights on the inside.

2. Convection oven

Types of Ovens

A convection oven is a kind of oven that has a fan or air player that moves hot air around the oven. So it makes sense that this oven can cook food evenly without moving the food around.

A convection oven is faster than a regular oven when cooking. Even the most perfect results come from convection oven grills. The convection oven is great for baking bread, cakes, pastries, pizza, etc.

3. Oven Microwave

Types of Ovens

As everyone knows, the microwave can quickly heat food. But now you can get a microwave oven that heats food and cooks it like an oven.

This oven uses microwaves to bake and heat food at the same time. This makes cooking food faster and more efficient, of course.

4. Traditional Oven

Types of Ovens

You can only find this traditional oven in Italian cafes or pizza places most of the time. This oven is different from most ovens, usually made of iron or another metal that can handle the heat. The outside of traditional ovens is made of well-placed bricks and clay.

Firewood, which is also put in the oven, provides heat. This oven is great for baking and making crispy pizza.

5. Electric oven

Types of Ovens

Electric ovens get their power from electricity. Many homes choose this type of oven because it is easy to use and can be changed to fit the family’s needs.

The electric oven gives off stable heat, so it can be used to bake a wide range of foods, such as cakes, pastries, bread, chicken, etc. Electric ovens have many different features, such as setting the time, temperature, and heat.

6. Rotary Oven

Types of Ovens

A rotary oven or rotary oven is an oven composed of a combustion chamber and a combustion chamber. Inside the combustion chamber, a control panel, burner, steam box, and heat exchanger are used.

While in the combustion chamber, there is a trolly that can rotate because it has a rotary system unit and a heat reflector. This rotary oven has a considerable size that can fit more than 30 baking sheets in one roast.

This oven is most widely used for baking bread because the rotary oven heat setting is perfect. It only takes about 10 minutes to bake sweet bread with excellent results.

7. Conveyor Oven

Types of Ovens

As the name suggests, this oven has a belt that moves food through the grill as it rotates. This type of oven is very suitable for use in the food industry because it can cook in large quantities quickly with crispy results.

Even the conveyor oven is said to cut the time it takes to cook by 25%. This oven can also help keep some of the food’s moisture on the outside. This is what makes the food look perfectly crisp and fluffy.

But some cafes and fast food places abroad use this oven for baking sandwiches, pizza, toast, and hot dogs, among other things.

8. Slow Cook and Hold Oven

Types of Ovens

Not many people know about this type of oven because it’s only used in some restaurants. As its name suggests, this oven simmers food at the right temperature.

This cooking method keeps the food’s vitamins and minerals, which are usually lost during cooking. This oven has a shelf that can hold different kinds of dishes. The slow cook and hold oven is great for grilling meat, fish, dough, and vegetables.

9. Steaming Oven

Types of Ovens

This kind of oven might not be well-known. A steaming oven is a special kind of oven that makes food steam. Unlike other ovens, this one doesn’t make dry or crispy food. Instead, it makes moist food, like food that has been steamed.

The steaming oven can be used to quickly and easily steam vegetables and meat without losing any of the nutrients. Steaming ovens are hard to find on the market, which is a shame.

10. Portable Gas Oven

Types of Ovens

Portabel gas ovens are very popular in Asia. They are called portable ovens because they need heat from the stove to work. This oven is mainly made of aluminum or iron, good heat conductors.

Compared to other types of ovens, the price is not too high. This oven is excellent for making small cakes or loaves of bread. It can also be used to bake pastries, bread, pizzas, and cakes.

11. Rotisserie

Types of Ovens

A rotisserie-type oven is an answer for those who like to grill meat and chicken. This oven includes a special oven that is only used to roast large amounts of meat in one cooking.

Unlike the oven in general, which uses a placemat as a base, the meat must be plugged into an iron rod and placed horizontally. Later the meat will rotate slowly until all sides of the meat are cooked perfectly.

Those were some types of ovens and their uses. Before buying, make sure the oven follows the needs and the type of food to be baked.