7 Types of Motorcycle Tires and Their Functions

Every motorized vehicle has various components that are assembled into a single unit. Most of the components in motorized vehicles are very important and have functions that cannot be replaced by other components.

One of the components or spare parts that must have by all types of vehicles is none other than tires. Like “legs”, tires are useful as a pedestal when the vehicle is moving/driving on the road.

The motorcycles that we know so far surely need tires so they can move. But it turns out there are various types of motorcycle tires that can be customized to your needs. Each tire has various characteristics and functions, what are they?

1. Scooter Tires

scooter tire

As the name implies, scooter tires are specialized to automatic motorcycles because the size that different from the general type of motorcycle. As known, the automatic motorcycle uses a single spring on the side, so it needs the type of tire that matches the type of the motorcycle.

Although it is small in size, but the scooter tires have a very good grip side or equal with the cruiser tires. Thread on the scooter tires is surely already matched with the standard.

This type of tire is very suitable to relax, like on a small road or highway. It is not recommended to be used in high-speed conditions because there is a very high risk of someone getting slip when riding.

2. Sport Touring Tires

sport turing tire

Sport touring tires are used for motorcycles that have the ability to go through long distances. So, it is very suitable for the rider who likes to travel long distances.

If given attention, this sport touring tires have a hard and durable character, but the grip that it has is still inferior to other racing tires. This can be seen from the lesser pattern with a softer compound than general tires.

Besides, the material that is used in this sport touring tires is using a hard thread layer, so it can be used for a long time. This type of tire is also widely used for medium-type motorcycles or 150 cc and above.

3. Cruiser Tires

cruiser tires

The technology on the cruiser tires is different from the other types of motorcycle tires. On the cruiser tires, there is a line pattern that is not too complicated and this becomes its advantage, meaning that the resulted durability is better compared to sport tires.

However, the grip of cruiser tires is not as good as sport tires. This type of tire is widely used for touring motorcycles and underbone types.

4. Wet Racing Tires

wet racing tires

As the name implies, this tire is only used when the circuit or road is in wet or rain condition. The tire is made with quite a lot of lines that is functioned as a drain line, so the tires can stick to the road.

Besides, the design of the wet racing tires must have a very good grip, especially when the motorcycle must turn or drive on a straight road with a high-speed over the wet road.

The wet racing tires are only used for racing motorcycles. No wonder if the size of this tire is quite large.

5. Dry Racing Tires

dry racing tire

Similar to wet racing tires, this tire is also specialized for racing motorcycles. Visually, the dry racing tires are very different from wet racing tires that have lines, because the dry racing tires tend to be smooth and do not have lines.

This tire is made from a rubber material that is soft but has a very strong grip although the surface looked smooth. This tire is used by racers when the circuit is in dry condition.

The dry racing tires have a very expensive price but they have a very short life because its ability that only can drive tens of kilometers.

6. Touring Tires

touring tire

The touring tire is made from a rubber material that is quite hard, so it has long enough durability. Even so, the grip of this tire is not quite good compared to the types of sport touring tires or sport tires.

Even so, a touring tire is made so that it can have a better grip when the temperature is low if compared to when the temperature is high. This tire is very suitable to use for the types of touring motorcycle with small to high cc.

7. Offroad Tires

offroad tires

An offroad tire is very different from other types of tires. Even in the usage, this tire is very suitable on the track, such as mud, rocks, to rivers. No wonder if the offroad tire has a high durability with a hard characteristic.

However, the offroad tire has a small grip against the road. But those things are not the problem because this tire is indeed used for uneven roads or very rough surfaces.

Thread is made sufficiently, in this case, is aimed so that the tire can move when driving through muddy or slippery tracks.

Those are several types of motorcycle tires that are needed to know. Make sure that the in-use tire matches with the type of the motorcycle so that it can support the performance of the motorcycle.