8 Types of Motorbikes and Their Functions

One of the things that make people prefer to use a motorbike is that the travel time is shorter if we compare it to using any types of bicycles. A motorcycle is the same as a bicycle that has two wheels. And this motorbike can be used to travel both within the city and outside the city.

Motorbikes need gasoline to move. And if you have a motorbike, don’t forget to do regular maintenance, so that the motorbike is durable. In addition, for those of you who want to buy a motorbike, you must know several types of motorbikes and their functions that meet your needs. Here are eight types of motorbikes and their functions among others.

1. Scooter


The initial concept of the scooter was formed in 1984, but in 1947 the scooter was perfected as a vehicle to support various activities on the European continent.

Characteristics of scooter:

The engine on the scooter is on the back
The wheels are under 16 inches
It has a ground floor where the rider’s feet are located

This scooter is more suitable for slippery and smooth roads such as asphalt. This type of motorbike also cannot be used at high speeds because of its small engine capacity. However, this motorbike can be used as an everyday vehicle to support various activities.

2. CUB


CUB motorbikes are also called duck motorbikes. This motorbike is very famous throughout the world and is suitable for both men and women.

Characteristics of CUB:

This motorbike is identical to red and white
It has an engine capacity of 49 cc
The top speed is up to 50 km/h

The beginning of production of this CUB motorbike was in the 1950s and immediately received a warm welcome from lovers of this motorbike. This motorbike is also suitable for supporting daily activities.



This type of motorbike has a cooler and more muscular shape. The quality is also superior to that of a CUB motorcycle or a scooter.

Characteristics of SPORT:

The motorbike looks more suitable for men to use
The motorcycle has a large size
The machine size is also big

When viewed on the highway, this motorbike is indeed more suitable and appropriate to be ridden by men, considering its muscular and fierce appearance. The function of this motorbike is also better and modern in various ways because it is intended to support activities in the technology era.

4. Naked

If you are looking for a motorbike that can provide comfort and practicality in driving, then this naked motorcycle is one of the choices.

Characteristics of naked:

It has superior performance
This motorbike can go fast at a speed of 100 km/h when needed
This motorbike is easy to use

You could say this naked type of motorbike is a multi-purpose motorcycle. Apart from being used for everyday driving, this motorbike can be used like a sport bike. The price for this type of naked motorbike is very affordable, so many people have it.

5. Cruiser

motor cruiser

This type of motorbike is included for the upper class. This is seen from the price of a cruiser-type motorbike for as low as around 30 million or more.

Characteristics of cruiser:

The position of the handlebar is higher than the seat
It has a large motor size
The driver’s seat is low
The position of the legs is slightly long

Although the price of this cruiser motorbike is quite expensive, this motorbike has not lost its fans. Fans still love this type of motorbike and make it a collection.

6. Enduro

motor enduro

Enduro motorbikes have a function for off-road tracks over a very long distance. Therefore, this motorbike is rarely used on the highway or in crowds.

Characteristics of enduro:

The motorbike is slimmer and lighter
It has a large tank and high suspension
The tires are designed to run in uneven areas

This motorbike also does not have a safety device such as a turn signal. Therefore, driving using this enduro motorbike on the highway or in crowds is not encouraged.

7. ATV

motor ATV

ATV stands for All Terain Vehicle. This type of motorbike attempts high cruising power. ATV can also be used in all terrains and conditions because this motorbike has proven its toughness.

Characteristics of ATV:

The motorbike has four wheels
It has a large carrying capacity
It has great power

ATVs are not suitable for use on paved roads because they can cause spin or slide when turning. This is due to its great strength.

8. Trail


For those of you who like to travel on rocky and muddy terrain, you will be familiar with the types of trail motorbikes. This motorbike does have a function for that.

Characteristics of trail:

It has a large type of tire
The shape of the tire is serrated or checkered
It has great torque and resilience

Because it is intended for heavy terrain, the acceleration of this motorbike is very high. Besides, this motorbike also has a high suspension.

Those are some explanations about the types of motorbikes and their respective functions. You can choose and weigh what motorbike you need or what you want to use as a hobby.