Types of Motor Batteries and Their Advantages

For motorcycle owners, it is very important to understand the types of motorcycle batteries, so they can choose the right maintenance. The motorbike battery itself is an electric conductive battery that cannot be separated from vehicles; both motorcycles and cars.

However, for two-wheeled riders, motorcycle batteries have several types that can be used as recommendations. As a balanced guard for electricity storage, the battery has an important role. Especially motorbikes, because without these spare parts the vehicle cannot run.

Motor battery voltage starts from 2 amperes, generally, the motor battery capacity is different and has 5 types of motor batteries. It is undeniable that the battery has great benefits for motorized vehicles. With high voltage and a wide choice of capacities, the battery has components that can store electricity with sulfuric acid content.

Many kinds of motor damages, one of which is negligence in caring for the motor battery. Most people prefer to replace the motor battery for a long time.

Even though the replacement of the battery has a limit and should not exceed the time it should be. The result will make the motorbike suddenly die and be damaged and cause the engine to go down. If this is the case, of course, a high service fee is required.

Before purchasing a motor battery, here are the types of motor batteries that are commonly used and have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

1. Wet Battery

wet battery

This type of battery is often used and is very easy to find in various places such as workshops. For a wet battery, it is a battery with electrolyte content which is useful for maximizing the performance of the motor engine.

In motorized vehicles, wet batteries are widely used, because they are more practical, efficient, and can be used for a long time. Apart from being cheap and easy to find, wet batteries can also be used repeatedly with routine maintenance.

The disadvantage is that the water level needs to be checked because sulfuric acid is a type of acid with a harsh nature that is dangerous if it is spilled and causes injury to the human body.

2. Calcium Battery

calcoum battery

This type of battery is almost the same as a wet battery, which distinguishes it from its nature of being made from calcium. However, there is also the advantage of calcium batteries, namely in terms of storage, which is much better when compared to the previous battery.

It’s just that the name is not very popular and not many workshops sell it. To get a calcium battery, you can buy it online with many choices of prices and brands.

3. Hybrid Battery

hybrid battery

This battery is a combination of two batteries, namely wet and calcium. This battery is made from lightweight materials, but its use is still less well known.

The advantage of a hybrid battery is that it has a very long service life, making it more durable when compared to a wet battery. It’s just that with the advantages it has, the name is still less popular and not many are looking for it.

4. Maintenance-Free Battery

Maintenance Free battery

Maintenance-free batteries include dry batteries and are well known to two-wheelers. As with wet batteries, there are electrolytes that are useful for storing electricity.

Overall this battery is quite strong and is able to limit the vapor from the sulfuric acid solution in the battery. Since it is neatly packed, there is no need to check the water continuously because the evaporation is lower.

Water changes also do not need to be done regularly because they are maintenance-free, so there is no need to worry when the battery water is not replaced for a long time. Generally, the color itself tends to be darker or neutral with the filling hole located above it.

Even though it is practical because it does not require more maintenance, many complain that this battery is very expensive and is used only once, so that its lifespan is not long compared to other batteries.

5. Gel Battery

battery gel

Gel battery type is very practical to use. Just plug it in and it can be used immediately. The use of this battery is also considered safe because of its low evaporation rate and can be stored for a long time.

The installation is flexible in any position, even in reverse conditions. The difference between a gel battery and a conventional gel is that other batteries use an electrolyte solution. On the other hand, this battery does not require any liquid.

Gel can dry out with a long process, especially when compared to evaporation on a typical battery. The placement of this battery is also very safe because it can be placed in a tilted position without fear of spilling.

By knowing the types of motorbike battery, of course, can provide options for motorcyclists so that they can choose the right one according to the condition of the motorcycle. Before determining the use of the battery, make sure you have checked beforehand.

It is not enough to replace the battery regularly, but it is also necessary to properly maintain the motorcycle so that the battery can be used for a long time and is durable.

Consult with experts to determine the right battery purchase. Make sure to stock the battery needed by contacting a shop that sells various types of motor batteries at affordable prices.