4 Types of Microwaves and The Functions

Using its microwave a microwave is one of the cooking tools that can be used to warm and ripen food. Many people think that cooking food in the microwave won’t change how healthy it is.

There are many different kinds of microwaves on the market right now. Because of this, it is very important to know how to choose the right kind of microwave for your needs. And here is what you need to know about the different kinds of microwaves and how they work.

1. Basic Microwave

Types of Microwaves

This type of microwave is very simple and can only be used to heat food that was frozen or cold before. A basic microwave, as the name suggests, can only heat food. It can’t cook food.

2. Solo Microwave

Types of Microwaves

The solo microwave does the same thing as the basic microwave, which is to heat food. But there is one difference between the two: the solo microwave makes a bigger microwave than the basic microwave.

So it makes sense that the solo microwave can do more than just heat food. It can also cook easy foods like instant noodles and boiled eggs.

3. Grill Microwave

Types of Microwaves

This microwave can do more than just heat food, as its name suggests. It can also bake things like grilled chicken. So it makes sense that a microwave grill can hold a lot more food than a single microwave or a basic microwave.

It also has a big enough microwave that a whole chicken can be cooked well. This microwave is perfect for people who want to bake food in their own homes without smoke.

4. Convection Microwave

Types of Microwaves

A convection microwave or microwave oven has features that other microwaves don’t have. It cooks food evenly because it blows out hot air as a range does.

Convection microwaves have fans and heating elements that move air around inside the microwave in a pretty good way.

The good thing about this microwave is that it can not only heat or cook food, but it can also do both simultaneously, warming and cooking. It has a big capacity to cook many foods at once and make them crispier.

You can find two kinds of convection microwaves on the market: the steam type and the superheated steam type. Both are sold for a pretty high price, but it makes sense given what they do and how they work.

This microwave can bake, but it can also be used to fry food without oil. This makes it an excellent choice for someone trying to live a healthier life.

Things to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Microwave

In addition to the type, there are several things you must know when you want to have a microwave.

1. Microwave Size

There are different sizes of microwaves, so you can choose one that fits your needs. Most microwaves are between 25 x 45 x 36 cm and 36 x 61 x 52 cm in size. For this, you need to know the size of the microwave to place it in the right place later.

Don’t forget to think about the size of the kitchen counter and how much food will be cooked.

2. Microwave Capacity

Generally, microwave capacities range from less than 30 cubic cm to more than 60 cubic cm. This microwave capacity is usually listed on the cardboard packaging box. If you already know the microwave capacity, it will be easier to determine what types of food can be put in the microwave.

3. Owned Features

Most microwaves have ways to set the time and the temperature. When choosing a microwave, it’s a good idea to look at its other features, such as power settings, the ability to defrost frozen food, the ability to cook automatically (auto cook), and the ability to set a child lock so that small children can’t open the microwave by accident.

The price of a microwave will be higher, of course, the more features it has. Check to see if the features on the microwave are what you need.

4. Guaranteed

The warranty is just as important to know when you buy a microwave. This warranty is a kind of guarantee that the microwave won’t break while it’s being used.

If the buyer can prove that a part is broken or that the microwave doesn’t work right, they can file a complaint showing the product warranty.

These are some types of microwaves you should know about. The information above should be able to help.