8 Types of LED Lights and Their Advantages

All the technologies that exist today have been and will continue to develop over time. This is also inseparable from the lighting system, namely lamps, especially those of the LED (Light-Emitting Diode) type.

In emitting light through a component called a diode, this lamp uses electricity. In contrast to ordinary bulbs, which generally use gas power to light up.

The benefits of using LED lamps have certainly been felt by many people. With the modern era, various variations of LED lights have started to appear, ranging from size, light description, shape, price, quality, and so on.

This will add your options in choosing the best lighting to use. But before buying, it’s a good idea to know the types of lamp first.

Before buying, it helps us to know the types and characteristics of LED lights. This is a consideration that will be used to decide what and how to buy and don’t go wrong buying LED lights.

1. The Superflux LED

This lamp is characterized by its physical shape in the form of a rectangle which has four pins with 3 different sizes (3mm, 5mm, and flat lens).

This type of LED is commonly used in various fields and situations, such as stage lighting, automotive lighting, billboards, refrigerator lights, signal lights, special lighting lamps, and so on.

The advantage of this superflux LED also has many color variants that will light up alternately. In addition, the thermal resistance is very low.

2. The Bicolor LED

As the name implies, this lamp can also change colors alternately at the same time. In general, this bicolor LED has 2 lights.

Usually these Bicolor LEDs are used in stage decorations, toys, decorative lights, speedometer lights, and so on.

The advantage of this type of LED lies in the use of low electrical power, but this also depends on its use.

3. The Surface Mount Device LED

This lamp is basically made wireless or without using a cable, where to connect it using a fairly small chip.

Made on a circuit board assembled using polarization on the front of the LED module.

This lamp is rectangular in shape which contains 3 crystal cells of different colors. This type uses low electrical power as one of its advantages.

Usually used for household appliances and electronics, such as TVs, monitors, portable projects, and others.

4. The Miniature LED

Often known as mini LEDs because their size is very small when compared to other types of LEDs, only 0.22 millimeters with various color variations.

Therefore, this lamp is usually only used as an indicator or decoration. Generally, this type of lamp is found in sophisticated electronic equipment, which is marked by a red light.

5. The High Intensity LED

This LED is one of the lamps that can produce intense and very consistent light when compared to other types. In addition, the advantage is a long service life when paired with a heatsink.

6. The Chip on Board LED

This type is a development of the type of surface mount LED, where the flame becomes brighter. The advantages of this COB are its long service life and temperatures that are not hot even when held.

7. The Organic LED

This lamp is better known as OLED rather than organic LED. This type is very commonly found on TVs, smartphones, and other electronic devices. Even with the development of today’s era, it has been applied to a collapsible background.

8. The High Power LED

With so many advantages, the light level of this LED lamp is one of the most intense and brightest. The advantages are in the form of:

  • Relatively long and long service life (approximately about 50 thousand hours)
  • Environmentally friendly because it can be recycled
  • Light doesn’t change color
  • Bright and intense light
  • Save on various factors of production

Currently, technology is increasingly advanced, including lighting systems or equipment that are increasingly sophisticated in recent times. This can be seen from the many variations and choices of lamps available in the market.

One of them is the LED lamp that many people choose in this era, because the light beam is brighter when compared to other types.

The many variants available, ranging from the types to the color spectrum and the features offered make our considerations wider.

So before buying and replacing the lamps in your home, it’s a good idea to know the types and what makes them different. Don’t be sorry for buying the wrong one or not in accordance with its intended use.