9 Types of Kitchen Knives and Their Functions

Types of knives for the kitchen are available in a variety of choices. The knives for the kitchen are grouped according to their respective functions. Each knife is designed uniquely according to its purpose. For those who love cooking, the types of knives are certainly something that must be known. Because using the right type of knife can help in preparing and serving dishes that are suitable and beautiful in their shape.

However, in some cases, there are still many who do not know the right types of kitchen knives to use. Generally, this happens because of a lack of information available on the internet. Hopefully, this article can provide everyone with information about the type of knife that is suitable for use.

The following is an explanation of the types of kitchen knives and their functions.

1. Multipurpose Knife

This knife is often referred to as the chef’s knife. You will come across this knife more often because many people frequently use it.

The characteristics of a multipurpose knife:

This knife has a length of about 20 to 30 cm
When held this knife is quite large
The place where you grip it is also in accordance with the size of your palm


  • Cutting meat
  • Cutting vegetables and fruits
  • Cutting tubers
  • Cutting the fish

This type of kitchen knife is widely used by housewives because using it does not require a lot of energy.

2. Large Knife

Another name for this large knife is the cleaver knife. Men are more suitable to use this knife due to its shape and size.

The characteristics of a large knife:

  • The length is about 20 cm
  • These knives are generally heavy to use
  • The grip of this knife is wide


  • Cutting large meat
  • Chopping bone-in meat
  • Cutting thick meat

Because of these functions, you can often find large knives in markets where meat such as beef, buffalo meat, chicken, and fish are of a large size.

3. Slicing Knife

This knife is widely used in household and various cooking places.

The characteristics of the slicing knife:

  • The blade size is long but not wide
  • The tip of this knife is tapered
  • Looks sharp and shiny


  • Slicing vegetables
  • Slicing garlic and shallots
  • Slicing fruit according to taste

The results from using this slicing ​​knife are much better than using other knives.

4. Fillet Knife

The fillet knife is also known as the boning knife.

The characteristics of a fillet knife:

  • Has a small size
  • Looks simple
  • The length is about 20 cm
  • Sharp


  • Separating the meat from the bones
  • Separating the bone and the cartilage

Generally, these knives are made for traders who sell meat where the meat and bones must be separated in order to make it convenient for the buyers. There also lie points for improving services.

5. Bread Knife

A bread knife is also known as a serrated knife. This knife is easy to find. If you order a cake, it will also include this bread knife in the cake box.

The characteristics of a bread knife:

  • The knife has a medium size
  • The knife is not sharp
  • The knife has serrations at the bottom


  • Cutting various types of bread
  • Cutting the brownies

By using this knife, the bread will be cut completely, so it will not produce crumbs like when you cut the bread with a different knife.

6. Cheese Knife

pisau keju

This knife is for cutting cheese. The cheese in question is that of large in size so that it can be cut according to taste. The shape of this knife is also quite unique. It also has a side hole.

7. Chopping Knife

pisau cincang

It is also known as the mincing knife. This knife has a function to finely chop the meat. Usually, this knife is more widely used by professional traders and chefs.

The characteristics of a chopping knife:

  • Has two handles for hands
  • The bottom of the knife is sharp
  • The size is quite large and heavy

In general, this chopping knife is widely used by men because of the strength this knife requires to be of use.

8. Paring knife

A paring knife has the function to peel the fruit’s skin. This knife can also be used to peel vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and onions.

The characteristics of a paring knife:

  • Medium and small blade sizes
  • The holder of the knife is larger than the blade
  • Sharp

These paring knives are easier to find. Almost everyone has them.

9. Carving Knife

pisau ukir

A carving knife is a knife that has a function to engrave in a place. It could be that the places that are carved are fruits and vegetables which, when seen, have their own art. This knife is generally owned by many artists. An artist who has the imagination to make a fruit or vegetable into an art.

Those are some explanations about the types of kitchen knives and their functions. You can choose what type of knife is needed to help make cuts for the dish to be served.