10 Types of Keyboards and Their Functions

Keyboard is a computer hardware that functions to enter data in the form of numbers, letters, symbols, and special characters into the computer.

To enter this data, you must press the buttons that correspond to the data you want to enter. The keyboard parts include general typing keys, numeric keys, cursor control keys, and so on.

Basically, there are several types of keyboards that you can know about. These types of keyboards depend on their use.

If you want to buy a keyboard for your computer at home, make sure you buy a keyboard that fits your needs. Don’t choose the wrong keyboard which can cause your keyboard to malfunction.

To avoid this, of course you have to understand every type of keyboard on the market. Here are some types of keyboards on the market that you can know to help you determine the best type of keyboard for you to choose:

1. Multimedia Keyboard

multimedia keyboard

The first type of keyboard is a multimedia keyboard. This keyboard has a keyboard design that is similar to most keyboards.

However, this type of keyboard is equipped with several buttons to adjust multimedia needs such as sound control buttons, special buttons to open multimedia applications, buttons for multimedia editing and so on.

By using this keyboard, your multimedia needs will be well helped because there are various additional buttons to manage all multimedia data.

2. Mechanical Keyboard

mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard which has a switch underneath, so it will produce a slightly louder type, compared to a membrane keyboard like most keyboards on the market.

Due to using the switch below, you can also hear the special sound produced by this keyboard when used for typing.

This is one of the reasons why mechanical keyboards are widely used by people. In addition, mechanical keyboards are claimed to be twice as durable as membrane keyboards or regular keyboards.

Generally, people are looking for a mechanical keyboard to use for needs that use the keyboard quite often such as typing long scripts or for playing games.

3. Wireless Keyboard

wireless keyboard

The third type of keyboard is a wireless keyboard. Wireless keyboard is a keyboard using radio frequency assistance.

Or in other words a wireless keyboard is a keyboard without cables or without intermediaries. You can connect this wireless keyboard by connecting a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

4. USB Keyboard

usb keyboard

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) keyboard is an ordinary keyboard that is connected to a computer using a cable.

Using a USB cable, one end is connected to the keyboard port and the other end is connected to the computer.

5. Ergonomic Keyboard

ergonomic keyboard

Ergonomic keyboard is a keyboard that is specifically made to provide user comfort, where this keyboard can adjust the user’s hand.

This keyboard is basically useful for hand health in the long term. As you know that typing continuously for long periods of time will interfere with hand health. To overcome that, use this type of keyboard. There are many forms of ergonomic keyboard, according to your needs.

6. Gaming Keyboard

gaming keyboard

Next is the gaming keyboard which is a keyboard specifically designed for playing games. Usually on a gaming keyboard, the W, A, S, D keys are made with a special design so that it has the impression that this keyboard is only for playing games.

Gaming keyboards also have buttons that require less pressure when used, which can make for a faster response when used in gaming.

And also usually this gaming keyboard is equipped with an RGB light which adds to the attractiveness of this keyboard. Although, some other gaming keyboards are also sometimes not equipped with RGB lights.

7. Chiclet Keyboard

chiclet keyboard

Chiclet keyboard is a keyboard that has an elevated key design, which has space between the keys and seems to blend in with the surrounding area of ​​the keyboard.

The keys on the chiclet keyboard are rectangular with rounded edges. The advantage of this keyboard is that with a larger button design, it can automatically minimize typos that can occur.

8. Membrane Keyboard

membrane keyboard

The membrane keyboard is a keyboard that works by flowing an electric current on a surface of the keyboard PCB, which is above the keyboard keys.

The membrane keyboard was originally used for old-made computers. Until now the membrane keyboard has developed and has been used for many laptops in the world.

This keyboard has a lower key height so some say that it is difficult to type on the keyboard membrane.

However, this is only felt by a few people. Many people feel comfortable when typing using a membrane keyboard.

9. Thumb Keyboard

thumb keyboard

Thumb keyboard is a type of keyboard that is designed with a small design. Thumb keyboard allows you to type faster than a regular keyboard, because it can be used with more than one finger.

Generally, this type of keyboard is used for playing console games or watching virtual videos. Now, the thumb keyboard has also been present for the computer screen. This virtual keyboard thumbnail has been around since windows 8 launched.

10. Flexible Keyboard

flexible keyboard

Flexible keyboard is made to be used in any circumstances. This keyboard is specially made so that it can be folded easily without breaking.

Just like a regular keyboard, a flexible keyboard also contains the keys for letters, numbers, and other symbols. Many people prefer a flexible keyboard, because it has good flexibility so that this keyboard is quite durable when used.

There are various types of keyboards on the market. If you really want to buy a keyboard, you should choose a keyboard that suits your needs so that later you won’t regret if it has been purchased.