6 Types of Japanese Knives and Their Functions

Knife is one of the most important kitchen utensil. Knife has a function to cut, peel, dice and also other things. Knife is a cooking utensil with a pointed and sharp tip. People use knife for dining, used either in food preparation or as cutlery. There are various types of knife that people use in the kitchen.

One of the most popular types of knife is the Japanese knife. This knife is the highest quality that is able to cut various types of food ingredients ranging from vegetables, meat, fish and others. Generally, there are various types of food ingredients that are often cooked from hard to soft texture.

This is why knife manufacturers make knives in various shapes and sizes. Japanese knife consists of several types and sizes, each of which has a different function.

You can choose a Japanese knife according to your needs. You need to know what ingredients to cook so you can choose the right type of knife.

The Japanese knife is a type of knife known for its sharpness. You can cut a wide variety of ingredients using a Japanese knife. There are various types of Japanese knives that are well-known and widely used by the public, including:

1. Gyuto

gyuto knife
Gyuto Knife

When you hear Gyuto knife, it might be familiar to your ears. Gyuto knife is a type of knife that is widely used by well-known chefs. This knife is a standard knife that must be owned by all chefs.

This knife has quite a variety of functions, from cutting fruit and vegetables to meat with a high thickness. This type of knife is often used by housewives because of its diverse appearance and function.

The simple design of the knife, starting from the handle and also the sharp part of the knife, is the reason many chefs use this type of knife. The price of this knife is quite affordable with excellent quality.

2. Honesuki

hinesuki knife
Honesuki Knife

The second type of knife is honesuki which has a different appearance from kitchen knives in general. This knife has a fairly stiff but also elastic shape. This is what distinguishes the honesuki knife from other types of kitchen knives.

At first glance, the honesuki knife will be similar to the fillet knife that is widely used to process tuna. There are several types of honesuki knives that are used to separate the meat from the bone or what is commonly called a boning knife.

This type of knife is quite common in European countries. This knife is one of the Japanese knives that are often used in European countries.

3. Sujihiki

sujihiki knife
Sujihiki Knife

This knife is known for slicing food ingredients. The thin blade design is able to cut ingredients neatly and nicely.

This knife is perfect for those of you who frequently process seafood such as sushi, sashimi, and onigiri with tuna or salmon filling.

This knife is also known as the fillet knife because of its ability to separate the bones from the meat. The good performance of the knife is the reason many people use this knife as a fillet knife to process seafood ingredients.

4. Pankiri

pankiri knife
Pankiri Knife

This knife is a Japanese knife that is widely used for cutting cakes or bread. This knife has a different design from other types of kitchen knives. The pankiri knife has a serrated tip. This design will make the cut results for the bread more attractive and perfect.

For those of you who are going to cut cake, you should use this knife because it will not leave any crumbs like a normal knife. You can get a neat slice of cake that looks beautiful in picture.

5. Yanagi

yanagi knife
Yanagi Knife

The next type of knife is called the Yanagi knife. This knife is usually used as a fish cutting knife. You will find it in Japanese restaurants that process fish and other seafood.

This knife has a long shape with a sharp beveled edge that is capable of producing a smoother, shiny and more regular cut. This knife is an important knife for chefs who work in Japanese restaurants with seafood preparations. By using this knife, you can have fish that is more attractive when served.

6. Nakiri

nakiri knife
Nakiri Knife

The nakiri knife is also known as a meat knife. This knife is useful for chopping meat quickly. But some people also use this knife to cut vegetables. This knife has a different design from other types of knives.

For those of you who want to cut meat quickly and precisely, you can use this knife. This knife has a straight and flat shape with a large size when compared to an ordinary knife.

For those of you who are going to buy Japanese knives, be sure to read and find out about the types of Japanese knives from the reviews above. You can find it easier to choose Japanese knives when you already know the purpose and shapes of each knife.