10 Types of Hammers and Their Functions

A hammer is a tool used to destroy an object, improve the arrangement of objects, nail wood, and forge metal.

The hammer consists of only two parts, which are the wood and the head of the hammer. The heavy part of the hammer rests on its head with the structure staying in shape even for destroying other objects, so that when used, the hammer does not change its shape.

In fact, there are various types of hammers according to the basis of their manufacture. Likewise, the function of the hammer is adjusted as needed. Well, here are 10 types of hammers and their functions.

1. Round Hammer

This round hammer consists of two parts, one flat and the other round. The flat part serves to hit nails and can also be used to crush objects.

Then the round part with a smaller size serves to make a hollow in an object. So in one type of hammer, it consists of large and small round sizes.

2. Claw Hammer

The second type of hammer and its function is the claw hammer. This hammer is used to nail a piece of furniture or nail it to the wall to attach a photo.

This type of hammer is the easiest to find because almost every household has this hammer. This hammer also consisted of two sides which are flat section for hitting nails and the other section for pulling nails.

3. Rubber Hammer

This is a type of hammer with a high level of safety. This hammer is called safe because it is made of rubber. This hammer is one of the most commonly used tools and can serve several different jobs.

The pressure caused by this hammer blow is soft and light. The shape of both sides is equal and even. The shape of the hammerhead is usually black with a long handle so it is comfortable to hold.

4. Plastic Hammer

A plastic hammer has the function to hit objects with a soft structure. This is useful if you want to make sure that the objects should not be scratched and broken. The shape of this plastic hammer is classified as medium, consisting of two equal sides. The size of the hammer itself is quite small, but the handle is long enough to hold the hammer when it is used.

5. Copper Hammer

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The fifth type of hammer and its function is the copper hammer. This hammer has the function to repair electrical engine components without being damaged. The copper-type hammer is softer than iron.

But the drawback is this copper hammer will harden after a long time of use. In order for the copper hammer to soften again, it must be used again. This copper hammer consists of two sides of the same size. So, it can be used interchangeably.

6. Wooden Hammer

A wooden hammer is made of wood. The function of this wooden hammer is to pound the wood field.

Generally, these hammers are easy to find in stores that manufacture furniture made of wood. For example, furniture consisting of mattresses, cabinets, tables, chairs, doors, and windows.

So, if you go or visit the shop, this type of hammer will be very easy to find. This wooden hammer consists of two sides and each side is the same size and round.

7. Stone Hammer

The seventh type of hammer and its function is the stone hammer. The head of the stone hammer is made of iron. The function of this stone hammer is to crush stones and other hard objects.

The stone hammer destroys stones that cannot be crushed by heavy equipment, so it will be manual labor with a stone hammer in hand. The stone hammer has two sides and both sides are equal. So, it can be used interchangeably.

8. Slag Hammer

This hammer has a tapered head and holes around the handle. The function of this hammer is to clean the slag from the welding residue. Slag is a glassy dreg that remains after a metal has been melted.

9. Glass Hammer

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The glass hammer has the function to break glass in an emergency situation. This glass hammer is often referred to as an emergency hammer. The glass hammer consists of two sides, a flat side and a tapered side. Both sides can be used as needed.

10. Meat Hammer

The main feature of this hammer is the serrated part of the hammer, which is useful for smoothing meat in making steaks and other types of food ingredients made from meat.

The shape of this hammer is also unique and consists of two sides. It is made of iron and commonly found in kitchens along with any types of kitchen knives. Usually, this hammer is used by cooks and chefs in processing their meat.

Well, those are some explanations about the types of hammers and their functions. Now you know the role of each hammer according to your own needs.