8 Types of Grills

One way to get a smokey smell when cooking is to bake. How to cook it by putting it right over a fire and using a tool called a “toaster.”

Grills come in different sizes and shapes on the market. And here are some common types of grills used to bake dishes.

1. Gas Roaster

Types of Grills

A gas roaster is a portable type that gets its power from gas. The size is small, and it is easy to use as needed.

The gas roaster is shaped like a rectangle with small iron blades at the top where the food to be roasted goes. The grill’s heat can be turned up or down, and the heat can be spread out evenly.

Most gas roasters are made of iron plate or stainless steel, so they don’t rust easily. To make good coals, pumice is used as the material to burn.

This grill is unique because it can be used to cook many different kinds of food, like fish, satay, corn, meat, and sausage.

The gas roaster is better for the environment because it doesn’t make smoke when it roasts. This means it won’t pollute the air, especially if you roast indoors. Grilling with a gas roaster is also faster, uses less fuel, and is useful.

2. Grill Pan

Types of Grills

The following grilling tool is a square frying pan with a rough surface. Stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum are the primary materials used to make this frying pan.

Different things happen when you cook with each material. Most grill pans made of stainless steel can quickly transfer heat to the food to be cooked right.

As for the cast iron skillet grill can cook food perfectly and keep it hot for longer. And aluminum grills tend to be lighter, but heat can move quickly through a fast conductor.

This grill must be on the stove like regular frying pans to get hot. The good thing about a wok grill is that it doesn’t make smoke, so you can use it for cooking inside.

3. Rotisserie Oven

Types of Grills

A rotisserie oven is a toaster often used to roast whole foods like chicken or duck. There is also a special type of oven called a rotisserie oven.

First, poke a whole chicken or duck in the middle with an iron stick. Put in the middle of the oven and constantly bake until the chicken or duck is done.

In a rotisserie oven, you don’t have to flip the dishes by hand. The stick will turn around, so the food cooks evenly.

With a rotisserie oven, the results will be crispier, especially the skin, and the meat will be soft and have a unique flavor. For one roast, the rotisserie oven can fit 4 to 5 whole chickens or ducks, depending on the model and size.

4. Charcoal Grill

Types of Grills

Most people use and choose for grilling grill type using charcoal. As the name suggests, this grill gets its heat from charcoal.

There are different sizes, shapes, and materials for these grills. Zinc and stainless steel grills are usually rectangular and come in different sizes, from small to large and long.

But there is also a round charcoal grill that looks like a big bowl and has a lid.

The price of this grill is pretty low, especially compared to zinc grills. Just that roasting takes longer and needs the help of the wind to keep the coals from falling off the charcoal.

5. Fancy Grill

Types of Grills

A fancy grill is a frying pan-shaped tool made of aluminum or stainless steel. The only difference is that there is a hole in the middle where the fire from the stove can go.

It’s called a “fancy grill” because when you turn on the stove, the heating system, which is in the middle and looks like a roller tray, starts to turn on its own. Soon, the baked goods won’t need a fan to make coals because they’ll cook evenly on their own.

6. Stovetop Grill Pan

Types of Grills

If you’ve been to a Korean or Japanese restaurant, you’ve probably seen this grill before. The stovetop grill pan has a grill that gives off less smoke so you can use it to grill inside.

The heat level can be changed by putting this tool on the stove. The stovetop grill pan is made of safe metal and is coated with a material that doesn’t stick, so you don’t have to add oil while cooking.

This grill is round, slightly curved, and has low edges. Also, there are holes around the edges where the oil from the meat can be dumped. Later, the roasted meat is healthy and free of oil.

7. Kamado Grill

Types of Grills

This grill looks like a dome or an egg and gets its heat from charcoal. Kamado grill is a versatile grilling tool that can be used for both grilling and smoking.

History says that the kamado grill has been used in China for 3,000 years. Over time, the kamado grill has changed by using ceramics or other insulating materials that can handle the heat and moisture of food.

By spreading heat out evenly while roasting, a kamado grill can keep the temperature of the food stable. Even so, the kamado grill takes a long time to heat up. Even getting the food to cool down is hard, especially if the grill is too hot.

8. Pellet Grills

Types of Grills

Outdoor pellet grills are also called pellet smokers. The pellets used to heat the house are made from wood that meets food safety standards and has been compressed.

The pellet grill is a mix of a gas grill and a charcoal grill. Pellet grills are different because they start and control the temperature with an electric starter and control panel, but they still get their heat and smoke from a wood fire.

Later, a fan system will spread the heat and smoke evenly through the grill’s interior so that the food cooks evenly and well.

Using a pellet grill is faster than using a charcoal grill but not as fast as using a gas grill. The pellet grill is big enough to cook a lot of food.

So, it’s essential to know the different kinds of grills. There are many different styles and sizes of grills. Make sure the toaster is right for you. The information above should help you choose a toaster.