9 Types of Gas Stoves Based on Their Shape

Nowadays, various types of stoves are available, one of them is gas stove. The gas stove also consists of various types that you can choose according to your needs and liking.

The gas stove itself is an equipment that people use for cooking. Gas stove works by generating high heat. The heat from this gas stove comes from a gas cylinder that creates flame, so you can cook various types of food using this gas stove. Since the conversion from kerosene to gas carried out by the government, now almost every household uses a gas stove.

Most people are now aware that cooking using a gas stove is much faster and more practical. But also don’t forget to carry out regular maintenance on the stove and other components, including the gas cylinders that will be used.

In general, people often use gas stove with one or two burner. Here are several types of gas stove available that you can buy according to your needs

  1. Hybrid Gas Stove
hybrid gas stove

The first type of gas stove is a hybrid gas stove, where this gas stove is also called an energy-efficient stove. This stove uses a combination of gas and oxygen.

In addition, this gas stove has an additional feature of switching into electricity as fuel if the gas runs out. This is beneficial because you don’t have to worry when you have to cook but the gas runs out, so you can continue to cook using electricity.

  1. Commercial Gas Stove
commercial gas stove

Commercial gas stoves are made of cast iron material, so this stove is quite strong. Most of these types of stoves only have one stove, with a fairly large burner. Even though it only has one stove, the fire generated by this stove is very large.

This commercial gas stove is widely used in businesses such as catering, small shops and carts. In terms of the price, this commercial gas stoves are also very affordable to own.

  1. Gas Cooktop
gas cooktop

This type of gas stove is a stove that is planted permanently on the kitchen top, so this equipment is difficult to move. One of the advantages of this cooktop gas stove is that it gives a luxurious and elegant impression to the eye.

This gas cooktop is also very easy to clean. This equipment can be placed in a small kitchen or a large kitchen.

  1. Freestanding Gas Stove
forestanding gas stove

Most people choose this freestanding gas stove because this equipment is already provided with an oven at the bottom, so that when you are using the stove, you can also bake cakes through the oven underneath. This type of stove can be said to be very efficient.

In addition, this stove also saves space, so you don’t need to worry about your kitchen size if you want to buy this equipment. In general, this freestanding gas stove is equipped with four to six burners.

  1. Portable Gas Stove
portable gas stove

For those who like to go camping, this portable gas stove is perfect for complementing your cooking needs. This portable gas stove can be operated with fuel from Butane gas or LPG gas. It is suitable to be placed as a stove in the kitchen or stove to do outdoor activity, such as camping. This portable gas stove is simple and lightweight, making it very easy to carry anywhere.

  1. 4-Burner Gas Stove
4-burner gas stove

Most people choose this 4-burner gas stove because by having 4 burners, it means that the cooking process can be much faster. The best type of 4-burner gas stove is the OL-4B gerta, where this gas stove makes cooking process faster and doesn’t produce any smoke. Besides, this gas stove does not create a gas smell even though it is cooking at high temperatures.

  1. 3-Burner Gas Stove
3 burner gas stove

3-burner gas stove has 3 burners for cooking. Available in various types and brands on the market. This gas stove consists of two main burners, and one small burner as an additional.

Cooking using this stove is also still classified as effective and efficient. The price of this 3-burner stove is around five hundred thousand rupiah to one million rupiah.

  1. 2-Burner Gas Stove
2 burner gas stove

The next type of gas stove is a 2-burner gas stove, this gas stove has one burner on the right and another on the left sides. The size of the two burner is the same. By using this gas stove, you can cook two meals at the same time. 2-burner gas stoves are also the most common in households and are generally owned by everyone.

  1. 1-Burner Gas Stove
1 burner gas stove

As the name implies, this gas stove has only one burner that is used for cooking. For information, this 1-burner gas stove has also been given free by the government to every household, in order to support the kerosene to gas conversion program.

Well, that was the explanation about the types of gas stoves based on their shape. If you are interested, you can choose one of them according to your needs and desires, to make your cooking time in the kitchen more enjoyable.