11 Types of Forklifts and Their Functions

Forklifts or also known as fork trucks are one type of material handling tool such as heavy equipment. Forklifts have the function of lifting, tilting, and moving material over short distances. Forklifts are connected as equipment destined for a lot of manufacturing as well as warehouses.

Forklifts are divided into several types according to their respective functions. Here is the explanation.

1. Diesel Forklift

diesel forklift

Diesel forklifts have functions to lift and move goods from several places. The shape of the forklift is quite large, long, and high. This forklift can lift loads with a maximum weight of 10 tons and a maximum load height of 6 meters.

2. Gasoline Forklift

gasoline forklift

The second type of forklift is the gasoline forklift, which is of medium size and height. The gasoline forklift is used to transfer loads from other areas. This forklift has proven to be very helpful in speeding up the load shifting process. This forklift also has a seat and steering wheel to direct the motion of the forklift.

3. Electric Forklift

electric forklift

Electric forklifts are a type of forklift that can be used indoors and outdoors. This forklift has a function to load goods. The load of the goods being lifted can be used for loads with large capacities. There are also seats for the operator and steering wheel to adjust the direction of this forklift.

4. Forklift Reach Trucks

forklift reach truck

Most of the forklift reach trucks are manufactured by Japan and European Technology. Each of these forklifts has its advantages. Japan Technology can be used to lift loads with a weight of 1.5 tons and a lifting power of 5 meters.

As for Europe Technology, it can lift weights weighing 2 tons and a lifting power of 6 meters. The characteristics of this forklift are medium size and about 6 meters high.

5. Warehouse Forklift

warehouse forklift

Warehouse forklifts have the characteristics of a large and tall shape, besides this forklift is the type that is most widely selected and used. The function of warehouse forklifts is to lift weights up to 2 tonnes.

These forklifts are good for balanced loading and unloading of pallets. Most often it is operated indoors.

6. Industrial Forklifts

industrial forklift

Next is the industrial forklift which has a maximum number of 3,000 lbs. This forklift is used for special jobs and can carry large loads and higher loads. The characteristics of this forklift are it is like a car. There is an operator’s seat and a steering wheel to direct the forklift.

7. Forklift Pallet Jack

forklift pallet jack

The pallet jack forklift has a small shape with two carriers in front. This type of forklift is done manually. In addition, this forklift is indeed functioned to transport small loads in narrow spaces. The advantage of this forklift is that its maintenance costs are much lower.

8. Straight Mast Forklift

straight mass forklift

The eighth type of forklift is a straight mast forklift. This forklift has a large body and strong pneumatic tires. Widely used for outdoor activities, especially facing tough terrain with rocky roads. This forklift can carry large material loads due to its strong body, has a lift of 6,000 lbs and 8,000 lbs.

9. Walkie Stacker forklift

walkie stacker forklift

The function of the walkie stacker forklift is to lift and move loads but in a slow operation. This is because this forklift does not have good maneuverability, therefore its speed is very limited.

The walkie stacker forklift is widely chosen because it requires the operator to be careful so that the work results are better. The shape is also not that big so it can be used in a small and narrow room or place according to its size.

10. Forklift Order Picker

forklift order picker

The order picker forklift has a function to lift and deliver loads from storage to the intended place. The characteristics of this forklift are quite high, about 32 feet.

The forklift is not very wide and is designed to be multipurpose to handle various items of various sizes.

11. Forklift Slide Loader

forklift side loader

The last type of forklift is a slide loader forklift, this forklift is a subtype of warehouse forklifts. Serves to lift and move loads from one place to another.

As for how the forklift operates, the operator can stand on his side. Meanwhile, the loader can remove the load from the side. This method is advantageous because the forklift does not need to turn from the previous direction.

Those are some explanations about forklifts based on their type. You can use one of them according to your needs in doing the task.

Perform regular forklift maintenance, so that the forklift components are durable in use and not easily damaged.