20 Types of Fitness Equipment and Their Functions

Knowing the various types of fitness equipment and their functions can be the right answer for those of you who want to start training at the gym. That way, you can be more confident because you have the basic knowledge about gym equipment so that the training you will do can be maximized.

In general, there are two types of fitness equipment that often found in gym centers, they are weight lifting equipment and exercise machines. The function of the two tools is actually the same, which is to train muscles throughout the body. Here is what you need to know about them:

  1. 1. Barbell

The first fitness equipment is a barbell. This one tool is easy to recognize because it is in the form of a long iron with a size of 1.2 m-2.1 m, each end of barbell is mounted with a weight plate. Barbell is lifted using bare hands. Its functions is to train the chest muscles, leg muscles, shoulder muscles, and also the back muscles.

2. Dumbbell


Dumbbell are a shorter version of barbell. Dumbbell has a length which is about 25-30 centimeters. Dumbbell functioned to train all small and large muscles in the body, especially the muscles in the arms.

3. EZ Curl Bar

ez curl bar
EZ Curl Bar

This one fitness tool is relatively shorter when compared to a barbell. In addition, the EZ curl bar has an angle at the bar to place the user’s hands in position. Its function is to train the bicep and triceps arm muscles.

4. Abdominal Bench

abdominal bench
Abdominal Bench

This type of fitness equipment functions to train the muscles in the abdominal area. Its equipped with rollers that can help you hang your legs up so that you don’t fall during exercise.

5. Weigh Plates

weight plates
Weigh Plates

Besides all those fitness equipment above, there are also weight plates that have a shape like a metal disc. This tool is usually added as a load on an empty barbell.

6. Band Bell Bar

band bell bar
Band Bell Bar

This one fitness equipment has the shape of a rod. It also has a weight like kettlebells on each side. Band bell bar are usually used to increase body weight when doing several types of exercises, such as sit ups, lunges, and so on.

7. Medicine Ball

medicine ball
Medicine Ball

You can find this flexible rubber ball at the gym center with varying weights. Generally, a medicine ball has a diameter of about 34.7 centimeters. This medicine ball functions to help restore muscle after injury and rehabilitation.

8. Kettlebells


There is also a fitness equipment called kettlebells which have a shape like a ball made of iron. The weight of this one fitness equipment is quite diverse, around 4-79 kg so you have to be mindful in choosing it. In general, kettlebells are used by lifting, swinging, or pushing the ball to strengthen and enhance muscle coordination.

9. Static Bicycle

Static bicycle
Static Bicycle

Static bicycles are often used to train the leg muscles. However, many also use it to burn fat or just cardio training.

10. Leg Press Machine

leg press machine
Leg Press Machine

This leg press machine purposed to form the thigh muscles and calves. Interestingly, you can increase the difficulty level of training by adjusting the weight according to the desired ability.

11. Treadmill


This one fitness equipment is the most common in the gym center. The treadmill functions to burn body fat by walking or running in place. The speed can be adjusted in such a way using the monitor in the treadmill.

12. Barbell Machine

Barbell Machine
Barbell Machine

The function of this barbell machine is to support the body so that your exercise movement remains stable when lifting the barbell. In other words, barbell machines help minimize the risk of injury to muscles.

13. Pec Deck Fly

pec dec fly
Pec Deck Fly

The next fitness equipment is the pec deck fly which functions to perform various isolation movements on the chest muscles. This one equipment can also help develop the size and definition of the mid-chest muscles.

14. Lat Pulldown Machine

lat pulldown machine
Lat Pulldown Machine

The lat pulldown machine has a function to form the back muscles, where the muscles that contracted are the latissimus dorsi, teres major, and posterior deltoid muscles. The muscles that are formed using this one fitness tool include the trapezius, rhomboids, and erector spinae muscles.

15. Cable Crossover Machine

cable crossover machine
Cable Crossover Machine

This fitness tool in the form of a cable crossover machine has a function to form the user’s chest and shoulder muscles.

16. Dip Bar

dip bar
Dip Bar

The next type of fitness equipment is the dip bar which is often used as body support when doing dip movements. Dip bar formed of two parallel bars that are used to hold on during practice.

17. Pull Up Bar

pull up bar
Pull Up Bar

As the name implies, basically this fitness equipment is an iron rod that is used to lift the body when doing pull up exercises.

18. Hyper Extension Bench

Hyper Extension Bench
Hyper Extension Bench

This single bench is often used as an equipment for back up exercises. The goal that we are trying to achieve when using a hyper extension bench are increased muscle mass of your thighs, back and buttocks.

19. Swiss Ball

swiss ball
Swiss Ball

Even though it is only shaped like a ball, the Swiss ball surprisingly has many functions. For example, it can be used for various kinds of movements and additional balance training in each movement.

20. Push-Up Grip

push up grip
Push Up Grip

Looking at its name, you might have guessed that this fitness equipment was made to make it easier for users to do push-ups. If you do push-ups with the help of push-up grips, it is assured that your chest muscles can get more pressure rather than doing push-ups without this equipment.

Those were some types of fitness equipment you can find at the gym that you can use for muscle building exercises. Hopefully the information above is useful!