11 Types of Fishing Rods and The Characteristics

A fishing rod is a must-have item for anyone who likes fishing. A fishing rod is a fishing gear that holds the reel and lets you reel in the fishing line.

Not only that, but the fishing rod also tells the fish were to pull when they are hooked. When you use a rod, your hands are safer, especially when the fish pulls on the strings and rub against each other.

There are many different sizes and shapes of fishing rods to make fishing easier for anglers. It makes sense that there are different kinds of fishing rods based on how they are used, where they are used, and what kind of fish are being caught.

And here is what anglers need to know about the different kinds of fishing rods.

1. Spinning Rod

Types of Fishing Rods

Anglers use spinning rods more than any other rod because you can fish with these rods in ponds, rivers, and even the ocean.

Most spinning rods are made of fiber and graphite, making them bendable, light, easy to carry, and rust-proof. This rod is about 1.5 to 2 meters long.

As the name suggests, the spinning rod is made for spinning reels or yarn winders. This makes it a great casting rod for fishing. Different models and brands have different prices.

2. Popping Rod

Types of Fishing Rods

As the name suggests, the popping fishing rod is excellent for anglers who often use the popping method, a way to fish with fake bait. A popper is an artificial bait usually made of plastic or wood.

The length of a popping fishing rod is between 210 cm and 260 cm. This rod is also made of a hollow blank, a fiber or carbon composite, or a combination. Even though it looks long, the popping fishing rod is quite light, flexible, and strong enough to hold up to 50 kg of fish.

A spinning reel with a size above 5000 is usually used for the reel model. It can fish on the open sea, rocky seas, or lakes.

3. Baitcasting Rod

Types of Fishing Rods

Baitcasting rods come with overhead reel rods and are great for casting techniques in swamps and rivers, which are hard to get to and require a lot of accuracies.

The baitcasting rod is between 150 and 200 cm long. The reel holder has a special grip for the index finger called the Trigger Grip or Pistol Grip. This is the thing that makes this rod stand out.

This rod must be used with a baitcasting reel, which gives it a very high level of accuracy compared to other rods.

4. Jigging Rod

Types of Fishing Rods

A jigging rod is a fishing rod that can be used in ponds, lakes, and even the ocean to catch fish. This fishing rod is suitable for anglers who want to use metal jig baits and jigging techniques to catch fish.

Later, the bait is pulled in different directions so that it looks like a fish swimming to the water’s surface.

The jigging rod is made of carbon, making it strong and light enough to move even heavy loads. The length is between 150 cm and 210 cm, and it has a belt-shaped holder that makes fishing more comfortable.

5. Surf Casting Rod

Types of Fishing Rods

Surfcasting rods are different from most other fishing rods because they are between 360 and 500 cm long and have a long shape. The reel is also big enough to hold lots of strings.

This is an important part of the rod’s purpose: to fish on rocky shores, cliffs, or the beach. So, the reel holder’s handle is made of something strong and sturdy to throw the bait as far as possible.

6. Pole Rod (Tegek)

Types of Fishing Rods

People think pole rods are helpful because they are easy to change in length. The rod also doesn’t need a reel to change the strings as required.

It’s good to choose a pole rod that only bends at the last two or three segments. If everything is too flexible, the fish can easily get away when it grabs the bait. But if the rod is too stiff, the knot on the end of the string can easily break when the rod is pulled.

7. Telescopic Rod (Antenna)

Types of Fishing Rods

A telescopic rod or antenna is a fishing rod that many anglers have. This fishing rod is straightforward to carry because it is small, and the length can be changed as needed, like an antenna.

Depending on where you want to fish, the telescopic rod can be stretched out up to 500 cm. For pond fishing, use a 120 cm to 180 cm long rod. For river or sea fishing, use a 210 cm to 500 cm long rod. This rod has a spinning model for the reel most of the time.

8. Trolling Rod

Types of Fishing Rods

The trolling rod is made for anglers who like trolling, a type of fishing where the bait is dragged behind the boat at a certain speed. This method is mainly used to catch big fish like tuna, marlin, GT, etc.

The trolling rod can be anywhere from 150 cm to 210 cm long. The reel used is also not chosen randomly; it must match the trolling method.

9. Bamboo Rod

Types of Fishing Rods

If someone is starting to learn how to fish, a bamboo rod might be a good choice. This fishing rod is cheap and strong, so many people use it.

As the name suggests, this fishing rod is made of bamboo and is about 80 to 120 cm long. The engraving can recognize a bamboo fishing rod at the bottom, which acts as a fishing handle.

People often fish with bamboo rods in ponds or rivers with calm currents.

10. Fly Fishing Rod

Types of Fishing Rods

This fishing rod is made for throwing flies, a type of bait. This bait looks like an insect and is light enough that it can be thrown a long way.

It is between 180 cm and 450 cm long and has a reel made just for fly bait. There are different ways to hold the handle that can be used to catch different kinds of small fish in shallow water.

11. Ice Fishing Rod

Types of Fishing Rods

Ice fishing rods can fish in frozen lakes, ponds, and other places. Most of the time, this rod is used to catch fish that eat other fish.

Ice fishing rods are only about 1 to 1.5 meters long, not very long. The reel can be changed to fit each angler’s needs. This rod has a connecting piece and a telescoping piece that can be made bigger or smaller.

You need to know about these types of fishing rods. Choose a rod based on your needs and where you plan to fish. It could be helpful.