6 Types of Files and Their Functions

A file is an essential hand tool for working with wood and metal. It is used to scrape the surface or corners of the work plane so that it is smooth and can be shaped as needed.

The file can also be used as a trimmer or cutter to give wood and metalwork a different shape and make it look better.

1. Cross File

cross file

A cross file is a type of file that can be used to smooth out surfaces that are curved inward.

You can also use cross files to make the field more concave if you want to.

Depending on how rough they are, this type of file is split into 3 other types, which are:

  • Coarse tooth, is a type of cross-file used in the early stages to smooth an object; another term for this type is bastard.
  • Medium tooth is a type of cross-file that is quite rough and used for finishing purposes; another term for this type is second cuts.
  • Fine teeth are a type of cross-file that becomes smoother after using medium teeth so that it is more suitable for use in the final stage of finishing; another term for this type is smooth cuts.

2. Flat File

flat file

Because it is flat and rectangular, this type of flat file is also called a flat file and a flat file.

A flat file’s main job is to flatten an object’s surface so that the result is straight and parallel.

3. Round Flat

round flat

Round files are mostly used to smooth the surface of something, but they are also often used to make holes bigger.

As the name suggests, round files are round; another name for them is round files.

4. Half-Circle File

hal-circle file

Both round files are completely round and half-round files.

This type of file works best to smooth and level curved surfaces that are either concave or convex.

5. Triangular File

triangular file

A triangular file is a type of file that is triangular in shape because it has a reduced tip.

However, triangular files are still divided into several other types which include:

6. Equilateral Triangle File

As its name suggests, an equilateral triangular file is shaped like a triangle with three equal sides.

The main purpose of this file is to make sharp corners that are smooth and flat.

  • Isosceles Triangle File/Taper/Knife File

The knife or taper files are two other names for the isosceles triangle file.

This file is mostly used to sharpen saw teeth with angles of less than 60 degrees.

Even at angles of more than 60 degrees, this file is good for small gaps or gaps between things.

7. Rectangular File

rectangular file

As its name suggests, the rectangular file is shaped like a rectangle. It can be used to level and wind an object that has been smoothed.

So, this rectangular file’s main job is to turn the work area into an elbow shape or a 90-degree angle.

Workers need to know the different kinds of files and what each one does so that they can use them in ways that fit the needs of the job.