Types of Fan Damage and How to Fix Them

Fans are generally divided into two categories, which are traditional fans and electric fans that require electric power. The fan has a function to generate wind and is useful for air conditioning, air freshener, ventilation, and drying.

The fan speed can be controlled by means of a spinner, tow rope, and remote. Now the type of fan that is most widely used is an electric fan. Every home and even office needs this fan, especially on hot days.

The fan also needs maintenance. The goal of this treatment is to avoid serious damage to the fan so that it can be used for a long time or last a long time.

However, sometimes the fan can be broken due to damage to the appliance. Here are some types of fan damage.

1. Noisy Fan

The fan generally makes a sound that comes from the wind spinning on the mill. But you should be suspicious if the sound that comes from the fan is very noisy and different than usual. This could be caused by damage to one of the fan components.

It could be that the cause is loose fastening bolts and dry shaft bearings. If you want to fix it, then tighten the loose fixing bolts and not allow the shaft bearing to dry. This method can make your fan work normally again.

2. The Fan Rotates Slowly

The fan is indeed equipped with several buttons that function to regulate the rotation of the fan. There are slow, medium, and fast buttons. You can adjust it according to your wants and needs.

But what needs to be considered is if when you press the fast button but the rotation of the fan is still slow, it could be that the fan you have is damaged.

The damage can be seen from two factors, which are insufficient voltage and a dry fan shaft. To fix this, try not to dry the fan shaft and also check the power supply voltage.

3. Fan Does Not Turn

The next type of damage is that the fan does not rotate, but the sign light is on. This can be caused by several factors including:

  • – The fan shaft is dry and stuck. The way to fix this is to make the fan shaft no longer dry and try to keep the shaft running smoothly and the fan can work as usual.
    – The fan capacitor is damaged. A capacitor is an important tool in an electric fan because without the capacitor the fan cannot function.
    – The reel cable is cut. If the cable is cut, the fan will not rotate as usual.
    – The coil wire is cut. If the coil wire is cut off, the fan also cannot rotate as usual.

Those are some of the common causes of non-rotating fans. If this problem occurs you can take your fan to a fan repair shop, so that the fan can function as normal.

4. The Fan is Totally Dead

This type of damage to the fan is the most fatal because as a result of this damage, the fan cannot function properly. The fan is dead and unable to rotate as usual.

In general, the cause is the electric current to the fan is cut off. To fix this, you just need to reconnect the current from the cut electricity.

Well, those are some explanations about several types of damage to the fan. This damage can occur suddenly or slowly. If the damage is getting worse and you can’t repair it yourself, you should ask an expert for help. The sooner the damage is detected, the faster the fan can be repaired.