Types of Dispensers and Their Advantages

A dispenser is an electrical device that can heat or cool and store water with a certain capacity. The dispenser is an electrical device that is needed by many people at home, restaurants, offices, industries, and others because of its function that makes it easy to make cold or warm water.

You only need to open the dispenser faucet and slowly the water will come out and fill your drinking container. This dispenser can warm or cool the water, of course in accordance with the type of dispenser used.

In this modern time, the dispenser has undergone many developments and also added more modern features and designs. Of course, each type of dispenser has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The dispenser manufacturers create dispensers that are modern yet easy to use so that many people are interested. Now, there are many types of dispensers on the market.

You can read our list if you are confused about choosing the right dispenser for your needs. Here are the types of dispensers along with their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Classic Dispenser

classic dispenser

The classic dispenser is a dispenser that is only intended to drain water from gallons to glasses or to containers. This type of dispenser only has one faucet and cannot warm or cool drinking water. It also does not require electricity.

2. Hot and Fresh Dispenser

A hot and fresh dispenser is a dispenser that has two facets that function to drain warm water and fresh water with normal temperature. This type of dispenser is a dispenser that is much sought after and is also widely used.

This type of dispenser is equipped with a water heater that uses electricity. So, when the electricity in your home goes out, this dispenser can only flow normal water.

In addition, the price of this dispenser is quite affordable in the market and is suitable to be placed in a fairly small and minimalist place. Because the design of this dispenser is quite small and light so it is easy to move and place anywhere according to your needs.

However, you need to move the gallon that will be used to the top of the dispenser so that it can flow as is the case with classic dispensers.

3. Dispenser Hot-Normal-Cool (Three Tap Dispenser)

The hot-normal-cold dispenser can flow water with a choice of three temperatures, namely hot (hot), normal (room temperature), and cool (cold) temperatures.

Because this type of dispenser has been equipped with a cooling fan or refrigerator cooling system which is the same as the cooling system on a refrigerator, heater, and water temperature regulation which is also used in hot-normal dispensers.

There are three kinds of dispensers that widely available in the market:

Top Load Water Dispenser

top load water dispenser

The use of the top gallon dispenser as in general is the placement of gallons of water located above the dispenser, so you need to make an effort to use this type of dispenser.

This dispenser is certainly not practical for those of you who are lazy to lift gallons, and not suitable for use by many people such as in offices, restaurants, and places that have many users.

Bottom Load Water Dispenser

bottom load water dispenser

The bottom gallon dispenser is a dispenser that is suitable for those of you who are lazy to lift gallons. Because the gallon is under the dispenser.

This dispenser is very practical because it is equipped with a special shelf to place gallons in it. This rack uses a water pump system (water pump) where gallon water will be pumped up to the faucet using electric power.

In addition to its practical and easy use, the design of this dispenser is indeed more minimalist and looks more luxurious and modern. Therefore, this dispenser has a more expensive price than the top gallon dispenser.

Behind the convenience offered, this type of dispenser also has a drawback, namely when your home’s electricity goes out, the dispenser cannot be used at all because there is no electricity that makes the pump work.

Top and Bottom Load Dispenser

top and bottom load water dispenser

The top and bottom gallon dispenser is a complete dispenser. You can place the gallon above or below the dispenser.

This type of dispenser is certainly very suitable for those of you who want to be able to use the dispenser when the electricity goes out so you don’t have to worry about not being able to drink when the power goes out.

4. Dispenser with Refrigerator

dispenser with refrigerator

In addition to the three types of dispensers mentioned above, there is one more type of dispenser that has a refrigerator function at the bottom and at the top to place gallons of drinking water.

This dispenser is very suitable to be placed in inns or hotels because there is no need to buy a large refrigerator to cool food and drinks.

The price for the refrigerator dispenser is indeed much more expensive than the three types of dispensers above. However, the power used for refrigerator dispensers is almost the same as hot, normal, and cool dispensers. This is because this dispenser only uses a heater, cooling fan and refrigerant as used in a refrigerator.

Those are some types of dispensers that you can know. You can buy a dispenser according to your needs. The more sophisticated the features offered, the higher the price. So adjust it according to your needs.