11 Types of Cooking Pots and Their Functions

If you have passion for cooking, a pot is one of cooking utensil that is definitely a must-have in the kitchen. For some people, having just one pot may be more than enough as it can be used for a variety of dishes.

In fact, this kind of usage makes the pot damaged faster. Therefore, you need several types of pots that are designed according to your needs and you shouldn’t use them carelessly.

The right type of pot can be said to be the best investment for those of you who love to cook. It turns out that there are lots of pot types that can support all cooking activities in the kitchen. The following are types of cooking pots and their functions:

1. Casserole Pot

casserole pots
Casserole Pot

Many people consider the casserole pot to be the most versatile type of pot. This pot usually made of cast iron with a lid that allows it to be used on the stove or in the oven.

The pot with slightly short sides is created to maintain a stable heat for slow cooking, such as casseroles or stews which then baked in the oven.

2. Double Boiler

double boiler
Double Boiler

This double boiler pot works like a steamer but the top pot is in the form of a pan that doesn’t have a hole. This type of pot is usually used to process food that must be cooked with hot steam, such as melted chocolate.

3. Dutch Oven

dutch oven
Dutch Oven

At first glance, this Dutch oven is almost the same as a casserole pot. However, the Dutch oven has a slightly taller side with two symmetrical handles on the left and right. In Indonesia, this type of pot is also known as a multifunctional soup pot. There are various sizes available, from 16, 18, 20, 22, to 24 cm.

As the name implies, Dutch ovens are often used to process food in the oven. Therefore, you can try cooking several types of protein such as meat that is processed with blended seasonings on the stove. Once cooked, you can transfer it to the oven so that the protein is cooked perfectly.

4. Milk Pot

milk pot
Milk Pot

Did you know that in the world of cooking, it turns out that there is a pot that is specifically made to process or heat milk? This type of pot, which is usually made of aluminum, enamel, and stainless steel, is often referred to as a milk pot. Uniquely, the lip of this pot is purposely designed to pour the heated milk.

5. Pasta Pot

pasta pot
Pasta Pot

From the name, you can guess that this type of pot is designed for cooking pasta. In fact, there are two types of pasta pots, the first one is pasta pot with hole in the lid that make it easier for you to pour the water and leave the cooked pasta on. While the other type is a pot with a metal drainer that is inserted into a large pot.

6. Pressure Pot

pressure pot
Pressure Pot

This type of pot, also known as a pressure cooker, is a pot that uses air pressure. You need to know; this pressure pot cover is equipped with silicone so that no air can come out when the cooking process takes place. As a result, you can cook your meal in a very short time.

7. Rondo Pot

rondo pot
Rondo Pot

Generally, a rondo pot or brazier has a large surface to make it suitable for cooking meat or vegetables with not too much water. Ideally, this one pot is used for the slow cooking method, which causes the meat to release more juice, giving you the maximum flavor.

8. Sauce Pot

sauce pot
Sauce Pot

Like the rondo pot, this type of pot has a surface wide enough to distribute the maximum heat. Usually, sauce pots are used for the slow cooking method when making sauces, soups, or roasting meats.

The sauce pot has two handles on the side that makes it easy if you want to pour or stir food in the pot.

9. Steamer


Steamer is a pot that has two parts, which are the top and bottom. This way, you can place the water on the bottom so the steam will cook whatever you put in the top pot.

10. Stock Pot

stock pot
Stock Pot

The next type of pot is a stock pot that has a thick bottom that is suitable for slow cooking. Ideally, stock pots are used to make a large amount of broth, boiled vegetables, seafood or pasta.

Usually, stock pots are not too big in diameter so that the stock can last longer while maximizing cooking process. There is also a stock pot that uses a steam basket that has same function as steamer.

11. Tapered Sauce Pot

tempered sauce pot
Tapered Sauce Pot

The last type of pot that is also a must-have in your kitchen is tapered saucepot. This saucepot usually has a lower bottom than the top so it is able to transfer less heat. The walls are wide enough to make it easier for you to stir the food inside.

Those are the types of pots that you should have in your kitchen to help you cooking. Remember, make sure you use or choose a pot according to its function so that the utensil can last longer and doesn’t ruin the taste of your dishes.