13 Types of Cooking Pans and Their Functions

Choosing the right type of frying pan or other cooking utensils are so important. Every type of kitchen utensils has their own specific purpose. By choosing the right type, your cooking activity can be fulfilled properly. Did you know, there are actually many kinds of pans with different functions? For example, a frying pan for sautéing, baking, or grilling are different not just by its function but also its shape.

For those of you who like to cook, try to acknowledge the following types of pans first so you don’t get confused when using them:

  1. Cast Iron Skillet
iron skillet pan
Cast Iron Skillet

The first type of pan is a cast iron skillet with the ability to deliver heat evenly and consistently. Interestingly, this one pan does not have a hot spot so the food can be cooked properly, without the risk of burning.

Cast iron skillets also have a material that is strong enough so that they can be put in the oven or just served on the table. This makes the food serving process faster and more efficient. Generally, skillet is used for frying, sautéing, baking, or grilling.

  1. Crepe Pan
crepe pan
Crepe Pan

Many people think that the crepe pan is used for frying eggs. As the name implies, this type of pan is more ideal for making European thin crepe or pancakes.

The crepe pan has flat edges without crease. This kind of edge will make it easier for you to place the spatula under the pancake when you want to flip it over. Usually, these types of pans are equipped with a non-stick coating so the batter doesn’t stick.

  1. Double Pan
double pan
Double Pan

The next type of pan is a double pan which can be used for frying with a little oil. The impermeable design carried by this cooking utensil makes food cooks faster.

Basically, the double pan was created to make it easier for you to cook because you don’t have to bother stirring it anymore. You just have to flip the pan and the food will mix itself together. Interestingly, the non-stick coating on the surface of the pan makes it very easy to clean.

  1. Egg Poacher
egg poacher
Egg Poacher

As the name implies, this type of pan called egg poacher has a number of cups that function to make poached eggs. Usually, there are 4-15 cups in one pan so that your cooking activities can be more efficient.

  1. Fry Pan
fry pan
Fry Pan

Maybe you are familiar with this type of pan. The fry pan has a slightly curved wall, which makes it easier for you to stir the dishes.

In fact, this design makes it easy to transfer dishes from the pan to the plate. Fry pan or also known as sauteuse pan is ideally used for frying, sautéing, and also grilling.

  1. Griddle

The griddle is like a super large flat hob without any sides or edges. Usually, this type of pan is used to make breakfast menus, such as frying eggs or pancakes. Currently, the griddle is better known in the electric type so that it can be carried anywhere easily.

  1. Omelette Pan
omeltte pan
Omelette Pan

Needless to say, from the name alone you will know that this type of pan is specifically invented to help you make egg-based dishes. The size is made to fit an omelette or regular fried eggs. Thus, the presentation of this egg-based dish can look beautiful and perfect.

  1. Paella Pan
paella pan
Paella Pan

Some people may feel unfamiliar with the paella pan. Actually, this type of pan takes the name of a typical Valencia, Spanish rice dish, named Paella.

Looking at its shape, the paella pan has a fairly flat surface, wide, but a little shallow with a sloping wall. This way, it will be easier for you when you want to stir the Paella or to roast the rice at the bottom of the pan.

  1. Roasting Pan
roasting pan
Roasting Pan

This pan has a handle that will make it easier for you to move food to and from the oven. The design and size are specifically made so that it can fit large pieces of meat for roasting.

  1. Sauté Pan
saute pan
Saute Pan

Sautoir or sauté pan has a wider bottom area so that the heat from the stove is evenly distributed. Ideally, this type of pan is used for frying, sautéing, boiling, roasting, defrosting frozen food, or poaching.

  1. Straight-Sided Sauce Pan
straight-sided pan
Straight-Sided Sauce Pan

Most people know this cooking utensil as a saucepan. In fact, this cooking utensil is included in the type of pan with a rather deep basin and has a diameter of about 14-18 cm. Its function is to make it easier for you to make sauces.

  1. Tagine Pot
tagine pot
Tagine Pot

The name of this cookware sounds unique, right? Like the paella pan, the name tagine pot is taken from North African cuisine. Looking from its shape, the tagine pot is a clay-based pan that has a high lid to control steam so it doesn’t get trapped in it. Thus, this process forces condensation to drip into the food as it cooks.

  1. Wok

If you want to make sautéed dishes, wok is the most appropriate cooking tool to use. Unlike the fry pan, the shape of the wok is not flat but tends to be concave because it serves to fry or sauté food with a lot of oil.

Woks come in a variety of sizes which are very popular in Asia. If you find a wok with one handle, then that type of pan falls into the Mandarin Wok category. Meanwhile, if it has two handles, it is the Cantonese Wok.

Those are some types of pans that can help you serve various types of food. You only need to adjust it to your needs so that the pan can be used effectively.