5 Types of Cooker Hoods for the Kitchen

The cooker hood is an essential piece of cooking tools that helps keep the air in the kitchen clean. With the help of a cooker hood, it’s easy to eliminate smoke, cooking smells, and hot air from cooking in the kitchen.

This kitchen tool works well in a kitchen that doesn’t have a lot of airflows or good ventilation. Cooker hoods work by sucking dirty air from the kitchen and reprocessing it to make clean air.

So it makes sense that the cooker hood has many benefits, such as keeping the air in the kitchen clean, reducing the air and heat from cooking, and making the kitchen healthier and less polluted.

In general, a range hood’s air circulation system can be split into two types: recirculation and extraction. Recirculation is a system that pulls dirty air into the cooker hood, which is cleaned by a filter and then pushed back into the room.

While the extraction circulation is a dirty air filter system with a filter that sends the dirty air out of the room through a pipe or vent.

There are different range hoods on the market that you can choose from based on your needs. And here are the different kinds of range hoods you need to know about.

1. Chimney Hood

Types of Cooker Hoods for the Kitchen

The chimney hood is a range hood with a chimney on top, as the name suggests. The smoke or dirty air will go out of the room through this chimney.

Because of its unique shape and the fact that it must be attached to the wall, this cooker hood can make a kitchen look high-end and stylish.

It is big enough that the power of its suction can no longer be underestimated. Some well-known restaurants even use chimneys as their stove hoods.

2. Visor Cooker Hood

Types of Cooker Hoods for the Kitchen

A visor-style cooker hood is a good choice for people with small kitchens. The visor for the stove hood is simple, small, and easy to put on.

This range hood is different because it doesn’t have a chimney. This makes it easy to put on an open wall or under a kitchen wall cabinet.

Even though it doesn’t have a chimney, it is very good at absorbing smoke from cooking because it has a system for recirculating the air. In addition to being small, cooker hood visors are often chosen because they are cheap.

3. Island Hood

Types of Cooker Hoods for the Kitchen

If you want to hang a cooker hood from the ceiling of your kitchen, you can use an island hood as a cooker hood. This way of installing a range hood works for stoves on an island that aren’t attached to the wall.

With the island hood, the kitchen is made to look very interesting. But if it’s made and put in the right way, the island hood can make the kitchen look more expensive.

Even so, the island hood costs a lot of money. But this is because of how it is made and how well its air recirculation and extraction systems work.

4. Integrated Cooker Hood

Types of Cooker Hoods for the Kitchen

A cooker hood built into a kitchen cabinet is called an integrated or built-in cooker hood. At first glance, the range hood installation looks like a range hood visor, except that it is built into the cabinet, has a chimney, and doesn’t stick.

The chimney for the built-in range hood is put in the cabinet. So it makes sense that this kind of range hood needs to get in touch with professionals so they can make a cabinet model that works in a kitchen.

The size of the built-in range hood is also tiny, so it doesn’t take up a lot of room. This range hood model is perfect for people who want their kitchens to look simple and clean.

5. Downdraft Cooker Hood

Types of Cooker Hoods for the Kitchen

The downdraft cooker hood is another type that kitchen owners who want to install one should know about. This range hood model is different from the last one because it is made to fit into the table of a kitchen cabinet.

The fan and filter for the downdraft range hood are built into the cabinet or countertop. Even some downdraft hoods have technology that can automatically pull in smoke when the hood button is pressed.

Even though this downdraft hood is small, it costs the most compared to other types of cooker hoods. This makes sense for its newer technology, which is a little bit more unique.

In addition, a unique island and countertop table must be made to go with the installation of this range hood. Downdraft range hoods only come with recirculating systems.

These are some of the range hoods you can choose from and put in your kitchen. If you want one, you should choose one that fits your kitchen.

Also, ensure the range hood you choose is good quality and can pull in both air and smoke well. The information above should help you choose a cooker hood for your kitchen.