Types of Coffee Grinders and their Advantages

Those who like coffee drinks will find it more fun if they can mix and make this drink themselves. Several steps need to be taken to make a cup of coffee that tastes good. One of these steps is to refine the coffee beans into coffee powder.

A tool called a grinder is used to grind coffee beans. A coffee grinder is a tool or machine that makes coffee smoother until it reaches a certain level of smoothness.

Even now, you can choose different coffee grinders to grind coffee beans. It’s also important to remember that the taste of the coffee made with each type of coffee grinder is different.

And here are some types of coffee grinders that coffee lovers can use to make a delicious cup of coffee.

Manual Coffee Grinder

types of coffee grinder

This manual coffee grinder, as the name suggests, is a coffee grinder that you use by hand. This grinder is excellent for coffee lovers who want to make a traditional-smelling cup.

Most manual coffee grinders are small and have a long handle that drives the blades. This blade is used to make coffee grounds from coffee beans.

Many people who want to grind their coffee beans by hand choose this coffee grinder. This grinder can make the coffee beans as coarse or fine as you want. Many people even say that the taste of coffee drinks made with the coffee ground by hand is different.

Grinding coffee beans takes a long time or depends on how fast you turn the lever on the grinder. Manual coffee grinders also don’t make a lot of coffee because they can only hold a small number of beans.

Electric Coffee Grinder

Unlike the old coffee grinder, the electric coffee grinder has a method for processing beans that is very useful and effective. It’s good for coffee lovers who want to drink their coffee as soon as possible.

To work, this grinder needs electricity. So it makes sense that refining coffee beans can be done in just minutes. Also, using an electric coffee grinder makes it easier to make more coffee drinks because it has a large capacity.

The only bad thing about this grinder is that you need a big space to put it. The electric coffee grinder also makes a lot of noise, especially when used.

There are two different kinds of electric coffee grinders, which are:

burr grinder dan blade grinder

Burr Grinder

How a burr grinder works is almost the same as how a manual coffee grinder works. The burr grinder is an improved hand-cranked coffee grinder because it is powered by electricity. This makes the process of grinding coffee beans faster.

The burr grinder has two plates that grind coffee beans in the shape of a mortar, a wheel with teeth. With the mortar grinding system, coffee grounds can be made that are all the same size.

This grinder is special because it can get a lot of oil from the coffee beans. So, the taste of the coffee will be better and more balanced.

Blade Grinder

The two blades on this coffee grinder chop the coffee beans into smaller pieces. Even the blades come in two types: straight (flat) blades and round (curved) blades (conical type).

With a blade grinder, it takes less than a minute to grind coffee beans. But the process of grinding with two blades is thought to raise the temperature of the coffee beans, which changes the way they taste.

Not only that, but ground coffee is also not always the same size. Still, blade grinders are much less expensive than burr grinders.

As a suggestion, you should only grind the coffee for no more than 20 seconds at a time and in small amounts. That way, the coffee grounds won’t get hotter, and the powder that comes from them will be smoother and more uniform.

These are some coffee grinders that people who like coffee should know about. Make sure the coffee grinder you pick fits your needs and preferences. It could be helpful.