8 Types of Camping Tents and The Advantages

Camping is one of the most enjoyable things to do outside. Tents, among other things, are one of the things that are needed for this camping activity.

Tents are a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about getting hurt by cold air, rain, bugs, and other things.

Before buying a camping tent, it doesn’t hurt to know about the following types:

1. Dome Tent

Types of Camping Tents and The Advantages

Dome tents are the most popular choice for people who like to be in nature because they are easy to set up.

As the name suggests, the dome tent has curved parts on each pole that holds it up. The poles are held up by two or three poles that are spread out in a half-circle.

The dome tent is easy to move around because it is made of light materials. Also, dome tents usually have a base on the outside that keeps water out when it rains.

Dome tents are suitable for places where the weather isn’t too bad.

So it makes sense that dome tents are also used by groups of people who like to enjoy the outdoors, like lakes, campgrounds, and other places.

Still, many people who like the outdoors use dome tents as shelter when they climb mountains.

2. Geodetic Tent

Types of Camping Tents and The Advantages

At first glance, the geodetic tent looks like a dome tent. However, the front of the tent can be closed at night, which makes it different.

The poles in this tent are set up to cross over each other. This gives the tent more space and makes it stronger.

The geodetic tent is strong and can withstand even the worst weather. You don’t have to worry about the tent shaking or falling because of the wind.

Even so, geodetic tents are very heavy and cost a lot of money. So, this tent can only be used for vacations or fun.

3. Tunnel Tent

Types of Camping Tents and The Advantages

As the name suggests, a tunnel tent looks like a long tunnel, but the frame is more significant in the middle than on the sides. The tunnel tent has enough room for more than two people to sleep in it.

Still, the tunnel tent is heavier than the dome tent, but its pointed tip makes it strong enough to stand up to the wind.

The time it takes to set up a tunnel tent is also long, and it takes more than one person to do it.

4. Pop-Up Dome Tent

Types of Camping Tents and The Advantages

The pop-up dome tent has become nature lovers’ favorite tent because it’s easy to move around and doesn’t weigh much. It is also small, making it easy to carry even on a hike.

As the name suggests, a pop-up dome tent is easy to set up. You have to open it, and the tent will stand up in seconds. Because it is small, this tent can only fit one or two people.

The price being asked for this tent is also pretty low. Even so, this tent isn’t as good at withstanding harsh weather, so it’s best not to take it to places where the weather is hard to predict.

5. Ridge Tent

Types of Camping Tents and The Advantages

A ridge tent is an excellent place to sleep if you want to go camping with more than five people.

Ridge tents look like houses and have triangular roofs. They come in different sizes, from small to large.

For a ridge tent to stand up straight, it needs poles and ropes. So it makes sense that this tent is strong and stable even when it rains or there are strong winds.

The ridge tent is heavy enough to carry everywhere because it is big and made of strong materials.

6. Quick Pitch Tent

Types of Camping Tents and The Advantages

The quick pitch tent is a modern tent that looks different from the past.

People started to choose this tent because it was easy to set up. It’s good for people who like to travel alone.

Even so, the size of the quick-pitch tent is small, and the price is quite high.

7. Inflatable Tent

Types of Camping Tents and The Advantages

Tents that don’t need poles are called inflatable tents or air tents. This tent is a new and exciting piece of camping gear.

The only way to build an inflatable tent is to put air into the hollow panels, which gives the panels a strong and rigid structure.

With this shape, it’s clear that this tent is heavy and costs a lot of money. At the moment, inflatable tents only come in small sizes, and it’s hard to find one that’s big enough for a family.

Because of this, inflatable tents are only used for simple camping on flat ground.

8. Family Tent

Types of Camping Tents and The Advantages

In contrast to the other tents, the family tent has a room with more than one bedroom and separate entrances. The wall between the outside and the inside makes the family tent look more private.

The size is also big enough for more than two people to fit. Not only is this tent not cheap, but it also turns out to be hard to set up.

It’s also hard to carry heavy things. Most of the time, family tents are used for tourist activities like glamping (glamorous camping).

These are some camping tents you can choose from when you want to do things outside. Make sure the tent you choose fits your needs and the number of people in it so that you can sleep well even though you are in a tent.