8 Types of Bicycles and Their Functions

Bicycles are a vehicle that predates motorbikes and cars. That being said, the fact that bicycles have been around for a long time does not make these two-wheelers obsolete. Along with the advance of technology, bicycles are able to keep up with various changes.

It is proven that now there are various types of bicycles that can be chosen according to your needs. Written down below is an explanation of the types of bicycles and their functions.

1. Folding Bike

Folding vike

In choosing a bike according to your needs, a folding bike can be one of the options.

Characteristics of folding bike:

It has hinges that fold into the frame
It has a diameter of 16 to 24 inches
This bike is only used on paved and flat roads
It has no front shock so it is better to avoid potholes and uneven roads

It is advisable that before buying a folding bike, you pay attention to the size of the wheels and dimensions. This serves to make it easier for you to carry it when traveling. We recommend that you choose a small size.

2. Mountain Bike

mountain bike

The second type of bike is the mountain bike. This bike first existed in 1970.

Characteristics of mountain bike:

Mountain bikes are light in weight
The material for making bikes consists of steel and aluminum
Mountain bikes have shock absorbers
The tires can grip the ground firmly

Based on the characteristics above, this bike is very suitable to be carried to hilly places, especially roads that have heavy terrain. But you also need to pay attention to your skills of riding so that you can stay safe until you reach your destination.

3. Racing Bike

racing bike

Racing bikes are one of the bikes that are often included in competitions, where racing competitions began to be organized in 1868 and were followed by all people who had a hobby of racing.

Characteristics of racing bike:

The outer side of the tires is very slim
The tire thickness of a racing bike is 2.5 cm
The tire surface is very smooth
The pressure in the tires is very high, which is >= 100 psi

From the type of bike and its function, racing bikes can be an option for those of you who have a hobby of racing.

4. Pedal Bike

pedal bike

This bike has been used since the days of the Dutch East Indies, but in 1970 this bike began to be replaced by a new type of bike. Even so, the pedal bike is still an option for lovers.

Characteristics of pedal bike:

The seat is on the upright of the bike
There is a closed chain housing on the bike
There is a dynamo that functions to turn on the lights

This pedal bike has various brands ranging from the premium segment to the lower segment. For the premium segment, there are Fongers, Gazelle, and Sunbeam. Meanwhile, for the lower segment, there are Simpelx, Humber, and Philips.

5. BMX Bike

bmx bike

This bike is used for acrobatic and acceleration competitions.

Characteristics of BMX bike:

It has a medium-sized tire and rougher contours
It has standard brakes
It has a much stronger frame design

One of the advantages of this BMX bike is that it is a bike that is in great demand these days because it is designed to excel in the appearance and the strength of the bike itself.

6. Tandem Bike

tandem bike

The next type of bike is the tandem bike. For those of you who often go out on trips, especially beaches, you will often come across this tandem bike.

Characteristics of tandem bike:

This bike has more than one handlebar, which is most often found two or three more
The number of the handlebar amounts to the number of seat

You could say that this bike can be ridden by two or three people at once. So this bike can be used together. Usually, this bike is widely used for sports around tourist spots. To ride this bike, you only need to pay the rental fee according to the agreement on the spot.

7. Hybrid Bike

hybrid bike

This type of bike has the power of a mountain bike and a racing bike, where this bike provides two sensations at the same time for its fans.

Characteristics of hybrid bike:

The wheels have a size of 700 c
The brakes are linear
The bike uses a rigid fork for its suspension

Because of the characteristics of this bike, it can be used in all fields, be they heavy or light terrain.

8. Electric Bike

electric bike

Another name for an electric bike is an e-bike. This bike moves using the help of an electric motor, where this bike has a pedal that is used to turn on the electricity so that the bike runs. This bike component is certainly different from bikes in general.

Characteristics of electric bike:

This bike uses a rechargeable battery
This bike also has a lighter weight

This bike is suitable for the physically challenged and the elderly. In the 1980s this bike was patented in the United States. And the electrical components consist of the motor, battery, and sensors.

So, that is an explanation of the 8 types of bicycles and their functions, which can be tailored to your needs. After getting to know the characteristics of each of these bikes, maybe you can be better at determining what type of bicycle to buy if you have plans to in the near future.