17 Types of Bar Equipment and Their Functions

Bartending is a job that requires a particular set of skills. Each bartender needs to be able to make different kinds of drinks based on what the guests want.

A bartender must be able to use all of the equipment at the bar to do his job. Every piece of gear has its shape and job.

Since drinks are usually the main thing on a bar’s menu, it needs to have good bar tools that won’t rust and are easy to clean. And here are some of the most common kinds of bar tools that bartenders use.

1. Shaker

type of bar equipment

A shaker is a tool that is used to mix drinks. Bartenders most often use shakers to mix drinks. But some drinks need a shaker to make it easier to mix them.

Shakers come in a wide range of materials, from plastic and glass to stainless steel. Of course, shakers made of plastic are often lighter than glass or stainless steel, which makes shaking drinks easier.

Still, most bars use stainless steel shakers because they are thought to be more stylish, cleaner, and better for the environment.

2. Blender

type of bar equipment

Most people know this one tool for sure. Blenders are also used to make drinks in a bar, especially milkshakes, juices, and other drinks with hard ingredients that need to be mixed.

3. Pourer

types of bar equipment

Most of the time, the parts of drinks in a bar are kept in bottles and will be mixed with other parts to make a drink. Some drink bottles can’t be closed again once they’ve been opened.

Because of this, most bars have bottles of drinks with a pourer attached to the top. The pourer or bottle top pourer can be used as a bottle cover, making it easy to get drinks out of the bottle without opening the bottle cover.

4. Jigger

type of bar equipment

Every drink a bartender makes must have the right mix of ingredients. So, a special ” jigger ” tool must be used to measure each ingredient in the drink mix.

A jigger is a tool made of stainless steel that is used to measure drinks. It has two sides of different sizes, one measuring 1 ounce and the other 2 ounces. With the right amount, a bartender can make a good-tasting drink.

5. Strainer

type of bar equipment

Strainers and filters used by bartenders look very different from filters used in the kitchen. Still, it serves the same purpose: filter out the last bits of a drink, especially in cocktails, so that the ice cubes don’t get poured into the serving glass.

This strainer has a spring that acts as a filter. It is made of stainless steel, so it won’t rust and is easy to clean.

6. Ice Bucket

type of bar equipment

Most of the time, drinks at the bar are served cold. Because of this, drinks must be served with ice cubes to keep them cold. It is made of metal and is about the same size as a champagne buck. At the bottom, there is a filter.

The ice bucket or ice basket is where you put ice cubes that will be used in drinks later. The bartender usually uses ice tongs to get ice cubes out of the basket. This is to keep things cleaner.

7. Ice Chipper

type of bar equipment

An ice chipper or an ice picker is used to break up ice cubes. It looks like a big needle but is strong enough to break ice cubes into small pieces.

8. Ice Scoop

type of bar equipment

In the same way, that ice tongs are used to get ice cubes, ice scoops or ice scoops are used to get a lot of ice cubes.

9. Bottle Opener

type of bar equipment

A bottle opener or bottle cap opener is a metal tool used to open bottle caps.

10. Wine Opener

type of bar equipment

A wine opener, also called a corkscrew, is a tool that can be used to open bottle caps with corks. This kind of bottle cap is usually used on a wine bottle or wine bottle.

11. Bar Muddler

type of bar equipment

A bar muddler is used to mash fruits or plants (like mint leaves) to get their juice or extract. Most of the time, muddler bars are used to make drinks like cocktails and mojitos.

12. Long Bar Spoon

type of bar equipment

Not only do drinks need to be shaken, but they also need to be stirred with a special, long spoon called a “long bar spoon.” A spoon is used to stir drinks, so they are well-mixed, which is what it is made for. The bartender also uses this spoon to taste the drinks they have made to find out how they taste.

13. Bar Mat

type of bar equipment

A bar mat is a glass base that keeps drinks from splashing or spilling on the table or bar top. The bar mat is thick, stiff rubber, and has a drain or sink for any liquid. This makes it easy for the liquid to flow into the sink.

14. Service Mat

type of bar equipment

Like the bar mat, the service mat is used to set down a glass that already has a drink in it or a glass that the bartender has just made. This is where drinks go before the bartender takes them and serves them.

15. Orange Squeezer

type of bar equipment

There are some drinks at the bar that taste sour. Most of the time, fresh fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges add a sour taste. The bartender squeezes the oranges for the fruit taste with an orange squeezer.

16. Funnel

type of bar equipment

A funnel is a tool used to move liquids into places with narrow openings, like bottles, so they don’t spill when they are poured.

17. Peralatan Gelas

type of bar equipment

In a bar, the most important thing is the glass. Bar glasses must be high quality, not easily cracked or broken, withstand hot or cold temperatures, have a beautiful shape, and be easy to hold and clean.

Since shapes and sizes must be different, it makes sense that the glasses at the bar are all different and beautiful. The bartender must choose glasses based on the type of ey they are making.

Those were some of the most common pieces of bar equipment. We hope that the above information can help.