6 Types of Baby Stroller and Their Advantages

A stroller also called a “baby stroller,” is a piece of essential equipment that parents must have when taking their young children out of the house. People think that baby stroller are helpful for parents because they don’t have to carry their kids when they need to go for a walk.

Parents don’t have to worry about the baby’s safety when pushing the stroller. They have to put the baby in it. But before you buy a baby stroller, it’s a good idea to learn about the different kinds so you can choose one that fits your needs.

And here is a list of the most popular types of baby strollers on the market!

1. Stroller Standard

Types of Baby Stroller

This baby stroller is made up of regular strollers that are easy to find in stores. Usually, this type has a top cover and a basket or compartment at the bottom. It’s big enough to hold a lot of different baby things.

The compartment on the stroller can be used to carry baby gear and store other things you need while traveling.

There is still a standard stroller that only weighs about 5 kg. People choose this stroller because it can be used for babies as young as a month old or even younger.

2. Umbrella Stroller

Types of Baby Stroller

A baby stroller with a simple shape is called a stroller umbrella or a “lightweight stroller”. Not only that, but the Umbrella stroller isn’t too heavy and is easy to fold up, so it doesn’t take up much space when it’s not in use.

This stroller has a cover that looks like an umbrella to keep the baby from getting too hot when they are out in the sun. The tropical climate of tropical countries makes it a great place to use.

The umbrella stroller is perfect for babies six months old because it looks like a seat. But the baby will get uncomfortable if they sit in this stroller for too long.

3. Car Seat Stroller

Types of Baby Stroller

As the name suggests, this stroller can also be used as a car seat that you can put in the car. If the baby falls asleep on the way, the parents don’t need to worry because the baby will be moved. Just open the stroller wheel and push the stroller without waking the baby up.

The stroller car seat is excellent for babies between 6 and 12 months old. So, this stroller is not needed by people who just had a baby. This stroller is excellent for use in a car or on long trips.

4. Jogging Stroller

This kind of stroller can be a good choice for parents who like to work out, especially jogging. Parents can still take their kids to the gym, even with a stroller.

This stroller only has three wheels, so it’s not hard to push, and it’s easy to turn corners with. The wheel size is also big enough so that the stroller won’t get shocks that could make the baby uncomfortable on uneven or bumpy roads.

As a parent, you shouldn’t push the stroller too fast. So the baby can still feel at ease while in the stroller.

5. Stroller Travel

Types of Baby Stroller

At first glance, this stroller looks like a stroller car seat. However, the basket or place for the baby to sleep can be taken off to be used as a car seat. This stroller is handy because it can be changed into two different things simultaneously.

So parents don’t have to spend more money to get two things. The stroller part that holds the basket can be quickly taken apart from the part that holds the wheels. Travel strollers have a canopy and a basket at the bottom for storing baby things like regular strollers.

6. Double Stroller

A double stroller can be an option for parents who have twins when walking outdoors. This stroller has two or three places to put the baby in it.

No wonder the size of this stroller is larger and heavier than a regular stroller. There are two models for this stroller: a stroller with rows of seats and a stroller with side-by-side seats. Just choose according to your needs and comfort when carried.

Those are some of the types of baby strollers that you can choose according to your needs. Hopefully, the above information can inspire.