Types of Air Conditioners and Their Functions

The hot and stifling air is certainly a thing that is quite disturbing to activities. You can overcome this by using an air conditioner (AC).

As an electronic device, AC uses electric power to function. There are many types of air conditioners that have been circulating on the market, ranging from simple shapes to large power and various interesting features.

The more features an air conditioner has, the more advantages you will find. This air conditioner consists of various kinds ranging from different functions, shapes, and sizes.

When you are going to buy an air conditioner, of course, you have to know the type and function of each. The difference in the function of the air conditioner will affect the electric power and the ability to make the room cool. Here are some types of air conditioners.

1. Split Wall Air Conditioner

air conditioner split wall

Split wall air conditioners have been recognized as the most commonly used and easily obtained type of air conditioner. This AC only uses approximately 800 watts of power. With this power, you can use the AC to provide coolness in the room.

This type of air conditioner is often used in homes, companies, offices, or other public places. This type of air conditioner has been divided into two parts, known as indoor and outdoor. The functions of each part are integrated with one another.

The indoor part of the air conditioner is useful for releasing cold air which will make the room cool. The outdoor part functions to place the engine from the AC.

The outdoor part of the air conditioner will usually be placed outside the room. This is done with the aim of avoiding the heat released by the air conditioner. Not only that, the outdoor part is capable of producing noise that can later be annoying.

The advantage of this air conditioner is that it can be installed for rooms that do not have direct contact with outside air. Noise is also not heard in the room when using this type of air conditioner.

2. Split Duct Air Conditioner

Air conditione split dutc

The second type of air conditioner is split dutch AC which uses a cold spread system using ducting. This air conditioner does not use temperature control, but everything has been set at one point.

This type of air conditioner is often used in large rooms such as buildings and malls. You will find this air conditioner for large rooms and have a lot of visitors.

This type of air conditioner is never separated from a system called ducting. This system has an important role with the ability to deliver air from cold sources.

The existence of this system is able to deliver a cool atmosphere throughout the room quickly and thoroughly. This type of air conditioner is often considered as an air conditioner that can provide efficiency, especially for materials, maintenance costs, and also the energy produced.

The advantages of this type of air conditioner are that it does not produce a noisy sound and is able to maintain the beauty of a room. This is because the location is not directly attached to the wall.

3. Central Air Conditioner

air conditioner central

Central air conditioner is a cooler that is commonly used by large rooms such as malls, hotels, and large meeting rooms. This air conditioner is able to cool the room quickly and easily.

This type cools the entire room to a high degree so that the air is maintained throughout the day. The way this air conditioner works is by cooling the room using a cooling plant obtained from outside the room.

The outside air that has been cooled by the air conditioner will flow throughout the room. Therefore, this type of cooler is often found in large open spaces.

4. Window Air Conditioner

air conditioner window

Window AC is a type of air conditioner that has a box shape and is operated using a remote. The remote that has been set for this temperature has been connected to the air conditioner so that it can produce the desired air.

Unlike other types, this air conditioner has only one part that can work as indoor or outdoor. However, this type is rarely used because of its outdated form.

5. Standing Floor Air Conditioner

air conditioner standing floor

If you look at the name, of course, you know that this air conditioner is attached to the floor. This air conditioner has a standing indoor section that is also easy to move.

This type is often used as an air conditioner with urgent needs. This easy-to-move air conditioner has high energy so that it can produce a cool atmosphere throughout.

6. VRC Air Conditioner

ac vrv

The next type of air conditioner is VRC AC. This type of air conditioner uses a sophisticated system, namely the CPU. Not only CPU but also equipped with inverter compressor.

This type of air conditioner when compared to the old type of air conditioner is also different. The system used for this air conditioner is an indoor one that can be used for 2 indoor air conditioners.

2 indoor AC systems are able to adjust the schedule and temperature in a room. You can easily determine how cool a room is. Affordable prices are the right reason for you to choose this type.

You need to know the various types of air conditioners above to be able to make the right choice of air conditioners. You can choose the right air conditioner according to your needs. The different forms and functions will certainly be a definite consideration for you.